Taking Advantage of Being Hacked

How funny would it be if I took the oppurtunity of temporarily being on another server and used it to my advantage? For instance, dream shards sell for 4 gold less than on my server, frozen orbs 10, greater cosmic essences 15, runecloth 3, etc.

Would you guys buy out everything and have it transfered back with you?

I'm not going to do this because I wouldn't want to get into trouble and don't think they would permit this anyway, but what are your thoughts on stuff you could do fi you were hacked and transfered?

Would you make a character with the same name on the old server so that a name change was forced?

Any other ideas of fun stuff you could do?

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  2. well i dont know the process of hacking, what do they do to the Gold they steal, how they avoid the tracking of that gold, otherwise if i hadnt been hacked once id prolly simulate a hack myself... with the current 15K G being doubled in my pocket id be very happy XD

  3. Haha now that's a funny idea. I'm not sure if you could pull it off but what if you 1. got transfered with 15k, 2. gave the money to a friend upon transfering who is on the other server, 3. Get reset to 15k gold, 4. Take the money from friend, 5. Ask for transfer back.

    I'm pretty sure you have a day or two on the other server before you can be transfered back, but that may have changed. Guess I'll find out today when I get back from work.

    Cool idea Namucha :)

  4. hope blizz doesnt reads this blog XD... im really gratefull the work they did recovering all my stuff...

    that time i had start using auctioneer some months ago and was on a 4kg non farmed fully acution earned money and that hack was like a knife in tha back.... plus the items i had,,, so many engineer stuff i took ages to do, didnt even remembered all XD

  5. Lol don't worry no one is going to try any of this crap, we're just shooting the bull :)

  6. There is actually nothing wrong with continuing to play while you wait for your account to be restored. If that means that you are buying mats to do whatever it is you do with them, then do it. If you happen to like to hoard things for a while, and then happen to later relist them for a better price, who is to say that you did anything wrong at all?

    Think of it this way: How much money are you *losing* by not being on your regular server with your vault of gold and stuff in your guild bank?


  7. Well... I actually have taking advantage from getting my characters stripped. Although it was not something I did myself, but the fault of the GMs restoring my items.

    What happened? I have 3 or 4 bank/AH alts on two servers, which are full of crap (okay, quite some gold worth items in there ;)). Now when I asked all my characters to get restored with all the items, the GM sent all the items to my main characters. At first I didn't notice it, so I made more tickets to get the items/gold back for my alts. Which was done quite fast. But then I tried to send the items to the right characters and I noticed I had way more items than I started with... I didn't really mind and took it for granted :).

  8. I got account hacked once and only once thankfully a few months back, just before release of wotlk. In the process I made quite a few gold out of it! I made the classic mistake of lending my account to a friend who I trusted and had played wow with for a very long time.
    He asked to use it as he had cancelled his account mid tbc and wanted to come back for wotlk, he fancied a bit of pvp and just catch up with people, I had no quabble in letting him log using mine, problem being he had a key logger it would appear! I went to log my account one evening and my toon wasnt where I left him the evening before, and know that my friend hadnt logged it that day... so I thought, when you log on and account is in use you see a few seconds of the game world before being kicked, so I called my friend asked him to get off my account... he wasnt on it... it was the hacker in motion!! I tried to relog.. password didnt work! He just changed it and my email! My account was no out of action for over a week! Anyway long story short I was stripped of everything.
    After GM tickets, mail to blizzard they restored my account and all my items.... and as a bonus... every item the gold farmer had farmed and vendord, all the extra gold he had got, loads of green items, a whole bag full of random crap the farmer aqquired using my account! I guess when Blizzard restored it they restored everything the farmer got as they must have assumed this was also all mine before he vendord everything I had! What a result!

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