Who doesn't like Cookies? How about Sharp Cookies?

I received this Tip from Maresa of frostmane:

Mob selling the item:

Sharp Cookies are sold by Coreiel when your team controls Halaa in Nagrand.

This raresell item costs 2 gold 21 silver and when disenchanted becomes:

1-2 Greater Planar Essence (10-20 gold value)
2-5 Arcane Dust (2-5 gold value)
1 Large Prismatic Shard (5 gold value)

Most (as in 90%) of the time you will make money from this. Having a disenchanter camped at halaa and logging in every half hour to buy these is a great way to make some dough. <-- little cookie pun there hehe.

Maresa also pointed out that this was a great way to gather mats for the mongoose enchant.

The respawn rate is fairly quick (around 30 mins to 1 hour).

3 comments: on "Who doesn't like Cookies? How about Sharp Cookies?"

  1. The Alliance have a different vendor for this, but he also sells a thrown weapon for the same price that disenchants into the same materials. They also sell three swords for around 9g per sword. If your server has a decent price for planar, you can try your luck with that.

  2. is it really worth worrying about a margianl 5g every half hour? this time could easily be spent recouping at least 1000% off the AH

  3. In one minute you could make 20-30 gold doing this. Then just log off and leave your disenchanter there. Do your thing and come back in a half hour.

    It's easy money :)

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