100 Posts at Just My Two Copper

Thought I'd celibrate with a little cake:

Thanks for reading!

10 Most Popular Landing Posts (displayed on first visit)

1. /2009/03/from-cold-to-hot-icy-dragonscales.html
2. /2009/02/1-best-farming-spot-in-wotlk.html
3. /2009/03/aspect-of-auction-house-viper.html
4. /2009/02/finishedunused-suggested-icecrown.html
5. /2009/03/freya-is-hording-frostweave-cloth.html
6. /2009/02/22-steps-to-using-auctioneer-correctly.html
7. /2009/02/borean-tundra-wotlk-farming-spot-for.html
8. /2009/01/where-to-farm-thorium-ore.html
9. /2009/02/15k-gold-trinket.html
10. /2009/02/farming-frostweave-cloth-aoe.html

13 comments: on "100 Posts at Just My Two Copper"

  1. Your links all link to Google Analytics instead of the page link.

    But congrats!

  2. AHHHH! Fixing lol

  3. :D Hey Markco I just wanna say that You Rock!
    Your guides are awesome.
    You're active and just great.

    Cheers from Slots

  4. The cake is a lie, but grats anyway :)

  5. Gratz Markco! Excellent timing for this milestone as we just added a couple of links to your site over at http://wowenomics.wordpress.com/

    A fitting honor to your awsomeness!

  6. I think your blog is sexy and you should feel sexy.


  7. Congrats!! Thanks for giving back to the community!

  8. Thanks for giving to the community! Congrats!!!

  9. AH! Congrats on the 100th post. Can't wait to see the next big milestone reached.

  10. Congrats Markco!

    I've been following your blog avidly since it was introduced to me by a friend. I look forward to what the future has in store for your site.

    I figured I might as well ask a question that has been on my mind, and since this is my first post, I may as well ask it here. A while back, I think in your 22-step Auctioneer post, you mentioned two gold guides that you've used and respect, Warcraft Millionaire and WoW Tycoon.

    Which of these two guides, for a budding entrepreneur, would you recommend the most? (I'm not a fan of paying for the exact same set of information, just worded differently.)

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

    ~ Vael

  11. Hey thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments, suggestions, emails, and thanks - you're just as deserving of the 'grats.'

    Friday I'm going to release the visiting numbers from this month, which are more than double last month!

  12. Hey Vael, shoot me an email and I'll help you out.

  13. heya markco

    congratz on 100 posts! I've been reading your blog since early December 08 and I have loved each and every post :)

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