100 Youtube Subscribers

I wanted to write this post partially to celebrate 100 youtube subscribers on my youtube channel, but also to let you all know that it exists!

If you have trouble reading my long winded and text walling posts then my youtube videos are exactly what you need!

Most of the videos have seen sister posts on the blog but it is always nice to take a break from reading and just watch a video.

Enjoy and be sure to subscribe if you like the videos!

6 comments: on "100 Youtube Subscribers"

  1. Lol, i'm glad to help you reach 100 subscribers.


  2. I'm one of those 100
    I'm really surprised you only have 100. As great as your blog is I figured you would have much more.

  3. My youtube guides have been kind of hidden among the masses of videos regarding wow. It's hard to get noticed!

  4. im also one of those 100. w00t w00t. we need to start spreading the word. your videos (along with zuggy's) have to be some of the best money making videos regarding WoW on youtube!

  5. i would subscribe but i can never hear anything you say in your videos :(

  6. I've been told by several people that cranking up the volume has been known to solve this problem.

    I do apologize for being soft spoken.

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