2165 and Flawless Victor

Shame, we had 2197 and then two disconnects send us down to 2165. Either way, we got our achiement and are now officially the #2 Prot Warrior/Holy Paladin in the world.

Grats to my teammate thunderion, he's doing awesome!

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  1. Wow, maybe I should start doing 2v2 with a warrior then, but then again, I also just suck at arena in general.

  2. He's a mix, check him out on the armory if you need to, he's on Onyxia - US and is named Thunderion.

  3. Hey Marcko. This is the wrong post to post this comment in, I know, I just dont know if anyone is reading the past comments any more so Im hoping for more exposure here :P

    My question is, on a Full server, how much enchanting mats is wise to save up for 3.1? Infinite Dusts sell for about 4g per dust normally, 4,5g in rush and down to 3,8 when things are slow. I got a personal limit selling at about 4,1 or above. The problem is my stock is rising very quickly. I started very small and whatever I got in I could sell in an hour. Then things started heaping up and last week I had a few hundred ish dust which thankfully sold during rush. Now I got over 1k dusts tho, and sales are very slow. By this rate, if ulduar hits in a month, ill probably have 5k dusts or so. Should I stop buying/making items to disenchant now, or just keep going? I can sell them at 3g per dust before I start loosing my investment, so I can always stop later when I run out of gold to buy stuff with, unless the dust crash will make prices drop below 3g?

  4. Just keep doing what you're doing and sell during rush. Avoid selling at other times to keep the price as high as possible.

    Get creative and start selling different stacks of dust. Most people do not want to click 20 individual dusts (myself included) so sometimes they'll pay extra four to ten gold to get a full stack.

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