Banking Again - The importance of space

Space is a precious commodity in this game. With several sets of gear, dozens of fun items, and other miscelaneous goods, there usually isn't enough room in your bank and/or bags to hold your auction house items.

That's where your alt comes in! If you haven't created a deathknight, now's the time for some free 16 slot bags and within an hour of leveling you'll have a 58 in a major city.

Having an alt is a huge relief on your bagspace and makes auctioneering so much easier. For some math on what's the cheapest way to get the most bag space, check out my post I made on bank alt math.

Remember, sending mail between your own characters is instantaneous.

For another great read on this subject, check out Zekta's Stuff. This blog has some good info, definitely worth a look.

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  1. The DK bag size is actually 12. If you're making a DK just for banking purposes, it would probably be best to spec unholy for since you won't be leaving capital cities anyway.

  2. If all you're going to use the toon for is a bank alt, you can also consider a level 1 character.

    A level 1 toon doesn't come with any free bags, but it does come with the default bank slots, it requires zero leveling time.

    Send your new alt a little cash (for ah deposits and postage fees) and you're ready to go.

    (Note: Tauren, Dwarf and Gnome level 1 characters might find it difficult to reach the nearest capital without getting aced by something along the road.)

  3. I will agree on The DK being a bank alt. Especially as it's a bank alt being capable of having 375 enchanting? can make loads of money with the bank alt from buying and selling weapons/armor for essences and dust without having to post off to another character. And all with only a couple of hours of leveling.

  4. Using DK is a good idea,
    it's worth to mention though...
    if you are playing both faction on the same server,
    Remember the one DK per Realm rules apply.

    It's a better to put the DK in the more populated size.
    In order to benefit most from he disenchant skill (if you plan to).

    The Best races I found for lv1 bank alt would be
    Horde - BloofElF or Undead for Faction AH (No mob on the road)
    Orc/Troll for Neutral
    Alliance Human (It takes long to get to the Neutral thought)

  5. By the way,
    I forget to say Thank you for linking me in my last post.

    I really appreciate it.

  6. I find the best AH alt to be Draenei for Alliance.

    The reasons:
    1) Nobody is in Exodar, meaning less lag, less begging, less other annoyances.

    2) Closest distance (at least from my subjective experience) from AH to mailbox, (however relatively long way to bank)

  7. I really belive the best bank alt is a dwarf or a gnome,

    1)Its really easy to get to ironforge if you are careful..
    2)Ironforge is the center of trades nowdays you only walk straight for bank to auction house..
    3)Gnome girls are cute =]

  8. #3 - Gnome girls are cute.


  9. DK are definitely great bankers, and they start out with all the flight points so you can simply fly to the city of your choice.

    My banker does business in the Exodar as mentioned because it is always quiet, and the bank and AH are really close to each other.

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