Blacksmithing and Enchanting 3.1 Patch Notes


• Most of the recipes in the 1-300 skill range of blacksmithing have had their stats updated to be more useful.

• Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade.

• Titanium Plating now reduces the duration of disarm effects by 50% as well as increasing your block value.


• Added a recipe for enchanting staves with spell power.

• Several recipes in the 250-300 skill range have been rebalanced.

Economic Predictions

The update to blacksmithing recipes from 1-300 will have some kind of effect on those items, but whether the 1-300 items become best in slot for twinks remains to be seen. The titansteel spellblade will fly off the shelves on patch day, so assume that it will require similiar requirements as the other titansteel items. Also, ulduar recipes will supposedly require as many as 10 titansteel bars to craft, so save these as well. Many tanks already have Titanium Plating on their shields, so the change to this item will not increase its price until players start getting upgrades from ulduar. I will be posting around a dozen each day after ulduar is released.

Enchanting is going to see massive spikes in prices as every player in the game upgrades and looks for enchants. Spell threads, leg armor, weapon chains and gems will go up as usual but enchanting always spikes the most during these periods of frequent gear upgrades. The stave recipe will most likely be a druid AP buff, so expect that to sell like crazy (make weapon vellums on patch day). Do your best to sell as much as possible the first four weeks of ulduar, after that enchanting mats will surely fall back down to their current prices.

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  1. (you should make the "post a comment" text just a little bigger, Markco -- I missed it the first time I scrolled down.)

    The spellpower to staff enchant will be handy for both druids and priests -- basically a small reward for picking up a staff over a one-hand + offhand combo. For paladins and shamans, most of them are probably going to go with a shield which can get the Greater Intellect enchant. (paladins can't use a staff anyway)

  2. The Staff enchant will be spellpower, not a melee bonus.

  3. i would not invest in gems there has been whisperings and roomers of epic gems coming out but just as good i would invest in ore it has reached record lows on my server selling for 17-18g a stack on weekends buy that up if epic gems come out oh well the price of ore will go up it is not going to be substance but you will not be losing g if epic gems do come out

  4. EXCELLENT POINT! Buying ore now means you can prospect gems later, especially if the epics aren't released! Great comment. I need to get more cookies!


  5. Mats for the Titansteel Spellblade:

    6 Titansteel Bars
    6 Illusion Dust
    2 Frozen Orbs

  6. I hope you mean Infinite Dust. Illusion is Pre-BC.

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