Blue Gems for 3.1 - Hold or sell?

Get saronite ore instead of buying the gems so that you can prospect if prices are up or sell the ore as bars if prices go down due to epic gems appearing. The ore is seeing all time lows (as well as cobalt) so it should be easy to buy them out and stockpile for patch 3.1.

My gut tells me that epic gems are going to come with the patch, but if you want to stockpile gems for 3.1 (even with epic gems the blues will still sell the first few days) then you will want to grab ore instead of the gems themselves.

Currently there are a select few epic gems on the ptr from fishing dailies, but these are all unique to each other, so getting one excludes you from getting any of the others.

Blue gems are at an all time low price, but I still advise NOT to buy these. If you buy these gems and epics come out, you'll have a limitted amount of time to sell before they become virtually worthless.

Buy the ore, save it and if you can't sell gems on patch day you can convert it to bars and sell that way for blacksmithing upgrades (gloves + belt).

NOTE: Apparently mp5 is becoming more of an important stat these days for raiding than spirit to some casters, so it is possible that mp5 gems will sell much better after the patch.

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  1. Marko, need your help man. Goldclover is at an all time low on my server, 14-18g per stack for some stacks, is there a legit reason for the drop or should I take advantage and BUY BUY BUY?

    Please respond fast.

  2. Well I bought out a lot and then decided to check tiger lily price.

    I bout a *!#$load of tiger lily for 13g per stack.

    Was that good or are these herbs about to be worthless?

    Btw im an inscriptionist.

  3. question, i bought alot of adders tongue out when the price fell in preperation for 3.1 glyph rush

    but now ive got like 50snowfall ink and can only sell like 1 a day cose i get undercut so bad
    should i make them into darkmoon cards in hope for nobles?

  4. Goldclover is way down on my server too (Saufang Oceanic) but I managed to flip a few stacks of Tigerliy i bought cheaply on Friday.

  5. If you can get them cheap and turn them into inks of the sea then do it! I'd advise just stockpiling inks until you know what you want to turn them into.

  6. Markco, I suspect non-unique epic gems will not come out in Ulduar if we compare it to burning crusade progression.

    Taking naxx to be like t4, and ulduar to be t5, one could postulate that ulduar would still be using rare gems with the occasional unique epic stormjewel. This is especially since epic gems in BC did not appear until t6, from black temple and hyjal.

    However, I totally agree with you that keeping gems in their most raw form allows you an amazing flexibility that will allow you to squeeze the most gold on patch day!

  7. So markco any suggestions on what to do with my 203 ink of the sea and 19 snowfall ink?

    Specifically the Snowfall ink.

    I don't much care for Darkmoon cards though, bit of a gamble imo and for not much money.

  8. Kisun, what about all the glyphs you're going to need to make, as well as the daily inscription quest after the patch?

  9. Well I kinda need gold now :(. Basically I'm looking for some way to turn a big enough profit that I can get a nice wheel of profit going to keep churning in money. Spend 10g to make 15g but much bigger scale, and I also WANT to be stocked for patch day but atm I can either stock for patch day and hope I make a lot of hold then (which I prolly will) or find a way to turn these inks into a lot of gold and make MUCH more gold on patch day cuz I can have a bigger inventory then I would now AND I can keep a steady profit coming in. So any tips on what to so besides "make glyphs and sell em"

    Also whats this about a daily? 0.o

  10. Do you think it's more profitable to hold an item (I'm talking specifically about greater cosmic essences) until patch day and hope for a spike, or...let's say I paid 15g for each of them. I have a few stacks. I transform these into 3 LCE's and charge 10g each, thus making 30g for each 15g I spent. What's better, waiting for the patch and a spike in the price, or selling the LCEs?

  11. For all the people holding glyphs atm. If you want to turn a profit now just go through your glyphs that you can make and if you have auctioneer it will tell you which ones sell for a good amount. Make like 1-2 of each of the good ones and post em on the AH. They'll sell and you'll be making great money. I do this all the time. buy goldclover and mill it then turn it into glyphs.

    Also certain glyphs are PvP Glyphs/PvE glyphs especially the knockback effect spells.

    I sell Shaman thunderstorm Minor Glyphs like mad. People want to raid w/o knockback but then they want to be able to PvP With it so they have to keep buying them and destroying their minor.

  12. To John: If you're doubling you gold now, that is tbh the best you can hope for. For all we could know, you might not make much profit at all come patch day. Doubling gold is amazing at the very least, not many items can do that :)

  13. Stumbled upon your site at work today. Good stuff! Keep in mind that dual specs will play a HUGE role in the gem market. Defense gems in particular. Think of all the Death Knights, Warriors, and Paladins striving to reach that 540 mark. I don't see them investing in epic gems for an offspec so the 16 def gem will be a hot item.

  14. Thanks for reading/commenting!

    It looks like blizzard may try to make blue gems valuable by limitting the number of epics gems you can have on at any one time.

  15. They are making unique equiped epic gems first so they don't have to nerf them because they are too powerful for the content. I think gem prices will go up after the patch with all the people putting together multiple gear sets.

  16. If you're being undercut on snowfall ink it just means you're charging too much

    40 is how much it's on the ah normally, but I price mine at 25 to sell fast

  17. @anonymous

    thank goodness because I buy your ink up and immediately relist for gobs of profit.

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