Boar Meat is Made of Gold?

Level 6-10 boars drop boar meat (who'd of thought), which sells for 2-10 gold PER STACK!

Nothing a lowbie can farm beats this, and the best part is there is never much competition so your stacks sell the same night you post them. My level 11 shaman that I just made dropped 15 of these off at the auction house and sold them 1 gold each that same night. It was nice having more gold than the level of my character at level 11 :)

Each starting area has comparable meat to the orc one, such as lynx meat for bloodelves.

As you level there's another meat that sells equally well in the auction house for a similiar price: Clam Meat.

You'll get these from clams dropped by the turtles of the barrens (as well as small lustrous pearls). You can farm these outside of wailing caverns and camp the rare spawn hydra which drops an awesome offhand weapon as well as a sword. While there you might as well fish up some deviate fish from the schools nearby, since the price of deviate fish has gone up on most servers with so many people leveling and so few farming.

I'd suggest being atleast level 15 before you farm in the lake. Miners and herbalists will be pleased with the numerous nodes scattered throughout the lakes in the barrens as well.

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  2. I will definitely have to keep this in mind when I start a new character.

  3. This is the way i made it to my mount on level 40 (at burning crusade).
    Even if you can't sell more than 10 per day , at level 10-20 this is MUCH gold ..
    You can also sell other things that you can loot from beasts like Crisp Spider meat or Goretusk liver .Many people prefer to buy them from auction house than farm for a quest..

  4. Great tip - might have to direct some newbies who are leveling up to this tip in the future! Making this much gold while actually getting experience leveling up is a really good combo.

  5. I was able to make tons of gold for my baby blood elf alt by selling the Small Eggs from the dragonhawks right outside of Silvermoon. Depending on your server of course, but on mine I got about 2 gold per stack. Plus, if you are a skinner you get the added bonus of skins :)

  6. Stupid Mage said... April 2, 2009 at 3:52 PM

    Please explain what the deal is with Clam Meat??

  7. @Stupid Mage
    Heh, sounds like a Seinfeld line: "What is the deal with Clam Meat"?

    I'm not sure what deal you mean. But at times Zesty Clam sells really well because its used in the quest to raise your cooking over 225.

    As for regular Clam Meat? I think its just yet another cooking item that people use to raise their cooking.

  8. The reason the boar meat sells well is because you can power level cooking all the way to 45 with boar meat. At least, that's what I use it for.

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