Borean man O'war getting a little extra kick in 3.1

Choice wrote:

I have just seen that a currently worthless fish is getting a recipe in 3.1 that will have better health AND mana regen than any in the game right now. This fish even has existing pools right now and people fish these up a ton just on accident and put them on the ah for cheap.

Borean man O' war will be able to be made into black jelly which restores 18000 health and 15000 mana over 30 sec. The next closest only gives back 1500/1290 over 30 sec.

Well it looks like the choice is obvious, (pun intended!) buy out those Borean Man O'wars while they stay super cheap!

If you're looking to fish these then Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra are your best spots. They do drop occasionally in some of the mid level zones as well.

EDIT: I'd like to clarify on one point if I may, based on the comments so far. DO NOT cook these fish immediately after the patch! Instead, try selling the fish to those that want to cook it themselves, and vary the stack sizes (1, 5, 10 , 20). I have no idea if these will sell better cooked or as raw fish, so only cook them if the market is strong and otherwise sell the fish raw. Atleast if you avoid cooking them after the patch you will have an option.

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  1. I'm worried that this will turn out exactly like the Dream Shard fiasco where the price literally did not change at all and thus all the Dream Shards you bought, you're now trying to sell as damage reduction and not profit.

    There are a TON of these on the auction house. People are going to realize that it's going to get a use and will start making an actual effort to fish these up, increasing the supply. The difference between what Black Jelly offers compared to mage food, which is free, or vendor food, is negligible.

    I personally think that buying Man O' Wars for the next patch would be a dumb move.

  2. I disagree with Anonymous that this will be similar to the Dream Shard thing (which I think Markco also did a fantastic job of explaining in a later post btw). The key here is that Borean Man O' War are so damned cheap in the AH you'd be crazy not to buy them. Often selling for less than 1G a stack the profit potential is huge and the initial investment is negligeable. Further, unlike Dream Shards, any class/profession/skill can use the cooked item so even if they don't sell you'll simply have enough food to get you through the next few months... no real loss possible. This is why we featured this item as our Hot Item of the Week yesterday on the WoWenomics blog at

    Great blog Markco... keep it up!

  3. The dream shards are selling for around 25% more than I bought them a month ago... so I'm making a profit now :)

  4. Do you know for how much this new meal vendors? If it's enough, and doesn't use spice, you would have a solid backup plan. :-)

  5. every time i read one of Markco's posts like this i can't help thinking i'd love to get a list of links from him as to what are some other great sites to look at for information.

  6. I'm in the same boat as you Doneidan, this is the first time I've heard of wowenomics! I like their site though, it's definately worth a thorough read.

  7. I have a small list that I'm working on here:

  8. KingRamsesIII said... March 17, 2009 at 11:39 AM

    According to WoWhead, each black jelly sells for 2s 25c. This means that when converted to black jelly, the man o' wars have a vendor value of 75c apiece (it requires 3 for one black jelly). It's not even going to be that useful for leveling Cooking, because it's yellow at 400, green at 412 and gray at 425 (again, according to WoWhead).

    I can't see this being really worthwhile unless you would otherwise be buying restorative food from a vendor. Is there even a market for non-stat food?

  9. Choice here, thanks for the front page treatment marko. :)

    KingramsesIII, I play as a death knight in a raiding guild. I have plenty of access to mage food on raid nights, but I will still be fishing/buying these for my nights of farming and dailys. the reason being is that I hate to eat my buff food when I don't have to. I love having a strict regen food available. These will just be easier to keep around.

    also people will buy this food simply because it regens more hp and mana than any other food. with one click even. PvPers especially in arenas will kill for any advantage they can get.

    finally at a skill of 400 or less to cook you are looking at a food that will be used a ton when leveling, and how easy is it to find a mage for some "free" food from them when you want to quest? in my experience not very and many times they want to charge anyway.

    finally the best reason to get this item now is, its super cheap because it doesn't have a use till the patch.

  10. Can't eat this food in arenas but other than that your points are totally valid :)

    And I am always willing to put great tips on the front page like this one, the trick is finding time to get them all up!

  11. I'm with Choice on this, I play a Deathknight tank and while I don't usually eat that much, it is annoying to have to wait so long for Mage food to refill my massive health pool. As long as this stuff is cheap enough (and as I have a cook all I have to do is get the fish themselves) I will keep a stock of these for my own use.

    I will have to see how they look in the AH on my server before I decide if I wish to invest in them for money making purposes or not.

    As a sidenote this reminds me of something I made money from a while back after wrath launched.

    I am not sure if this opportunity is still available, but if all the fishers on your server are trying to sell Barrelhead Goby in stacks you may be able to make some cash selling them in singles higher per fish. This fish is used for only one recipe, that doesn't give a food buff. The recipe is yellow from 350-365, and green until 380 so it doesn't really help level cooking. The only use I can see for this fish is getting credit for it for the Northrend cookin achievement.

    Come 3.1 this fish might be able to be skipped, but as it is right now everyone who wants to get the cooking Meta has to cook one of these fish.

  12. KingRamsesIII said... March 17, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    I'm looking at it from a profit perspective, and I don't think Black Jelly is going to have high demand on the AH. You may find it useful/necessary to use restorative food frequently while farming, but other classes/specs don't. I have stacks of Festival Dumplings in my bank still, and I use maybe 3 per week (I'm a hunter). They're not as good as a Black Jelly would be, but they're good enough.

    I also expect that demand will be lower than it *should* be because there will be many people who do use restorative food that will either not know about Black Jelly or will not want to bother making the AH trip to buy it when they could just buy stacks of food from the vendor right next to their hearth in Dalaran. A significant portion of the WoW playerbase is either ill-informed or careless with their money or both.

    I completely agree that if you're going to eat the food yourself, this is a totally worthwhile buy. You can keep yourself stocked with restorative food forever for relatively cheap. I'm just skeptical about the profitability of making it to sell to other people.

  13. These have already risen to 14g a stack on my server :(

  14. It was nice when the blog was small and the tips were more like insider secrets, huh? It's ok, if anything this speculation will help people make some nice gold off their fishing :)

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