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I asked Nic from Wow Trade this question:

What items do you love to snatch on the auction house with auctioneer? Can you name your top 5? This would be really helpful to my readers and you could state how much success you've had as well as the purpose of your blog.

Nic's Response:

Hey there Markco,

I wish I could give you a list of my snatch items but I don’t use the built in snatch although I probably should. Although the principal of snatch items can be very beneficial to you, I can see if a patch or something can turn one item upside down and then you’ll be snatching something for less than its current market value. But, if I had to think of a list of items that I would put into a snatch filter right now I would say these: 1st Firewing Signets and Marks of Sargeras for Aldor Scryer rep at less than 10s/per, which I then turn around and post in stacks of ten for 3g. I know that seems small but I sold over 250 of these in the last week this way. Second item I’d be snatching on my server would be Nexus Crystals at less than 1g each. I then turn around and stack them individually for 2g each which is a touch under market on my server but it definitely makes them move. Also Titanium ore has been working out spectacularly for me at a price of 4g or less per. I turn them around in stacks of 5 for 29g.

As my blog states, I started this whole deal with 20g as initial investment capital. As of this morning, 9 days into my trading, I have 489g and approx 1200g in outstanding auctions. I have been buying bigger items slowly as I get more comfortable with what will actually move. The purpose of my blog is to track the specific items and progress of someone learning how to play the AH without any prior knowledge. I hope this can help many other people learn how to grow their bank accounts in World of Warcraft.

Here's what I love about Nic's response: He's not selling items for 30 gold+ profit, he's making literally 2-3 gold per sale. What makes him successful is the ability to do this hundreds of times over, which is why I love auctioneer so much! I'm sure he didn't post 250 marks of sargeras at once, but rather he made the item scarce on the ah and only reposted once all of his items were gone. By maintaining a low supply he kept his price high enough to make a nice profit over time. Great work Nic and congratulations on the gold as well as your blog.

Well don't just stand there! Go see what a great blog Wow Trader is turning into and show your support :)

For the comments section: What's your snatch list?

5 comments: on "Check This Blog Out"

  1. Might need to tell wowtrade that it's impossible to leave comments on his blog? I tried to leave a comment but after creating a google account I still couldnt?

    Anyway - good idea for a blog. Will be following it.

  2. Snatching Borean Leather and Netherweave myself, because Im too lazy to buy it the old fasioned way. Activate realtime search, go through the pages of leather and weave, then hit purchase all.

    A question: How do you tell your newly dedicated grinder that you only want to buy his leather, and not be his friend, in a manner so you wont hurt his feelings and he'll move to another buyer? :P

  3. B: Try becoming friends on your bank alt, that way the person farming for you will have the least possible interaction with you.

    Or just let the person know that you're busy when they whisper you and they should leave you alone.

    J8Fish: I'll send him an email.

  4. Sorry about the comments not being turned on. Small oversight, i've got it fixed now. Cheers! :)

  5. Fixed an error with the display of this post, should be good now. Let me know if it bugs out again.

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