Freya Is Hording Frostweave Cloth!? Impossible!

Apparently Freya in Sholozar Basin has left some mobs for you to kill... and they never stop coming! That's right, as shown in the video, three people can farm these mobs and they never stop respawning.

Get your farming on for some great cloth, grays, and greens. If you have tailoring then this is the best place to farm cloth in the game. Especially if you never have to drink like a rogue/warrior/retpally/feraldruid/dk, though those classes most likely don't have tailoring!

Team up with some buddies and bring a tailor to make this place an awesome farming spot.

This is legion hold without the marks of sargeras in my opinion!

(Nerf incoming btw, you know it and I know it, so get your farming in while you can)

WOTLK Farming Spots - Frostweave Cloth

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  1. impressive find there markco.

    i stopped by and farmed there for about 30-40 mins. got 80 cloth, countless vendor trash and quite a bit of cash. the only downtime was when i ran outa mana.

    thanks for the awesome tip!

  2. Hey Markco love the blog and the gold guide. I have a question for you? I have recently found an item that I can craft and make a really good profit on, but it seems that another person has figured this out as well. How do you deal with someone who is constantly undercutting you. I only have one other person selling this item and some days it is really frustrating. I have thought about contacting the guy and seeing if we can work something out to where we arent going to far undercutting each other.

  3. People can be fickle about controlling markets and what sucks is that they are hurting themselves in the process.

    Whatever you do, avoid getting into an argument about who has more of the item and who's more powerful. Instead, talk to him about how you think that the two of you should set a price and stick to it, and never place more than X number of the item up.

    Another solution is to have one of you sell one at a time (if your end product stacks) and the other sell stacks of 5,10, 20.

    If he still doesn't want to cooperate then just place one or two of your items up at prime time. If they sell post more, if they don't then let him undercut you and wait until the next prime buying time.

  4. i have a question about Auctioneer is there a way to set up the snatch option to bid or buy out all armor or weapons in lvl range 75-80 for less then so much G ?

  5. Yes sir! There's a snatch list!

  6. i know there is a snatch list but is there a way to set it up to bid on all armor lvl 75-80 that is less then 10g the only way i know how to use it is to buy one specific item if it is posted at set price or less i want to do do all armor items for less then 10g

  7. I tried this out on my level 79 Rogue to see the gold oppurtunity. But I found that it was actually a VERY good grinding spot too.
    In 23 mins I made: 69k xp.
    34 mins I made: 128k xp.
    67 mins I made: 247k xp.

    I got these results with no rested xp. but I am fairly geared and used pots to avoid any down time.

    *PS* Rate now I only have one proffession (skinning) and I am 2 bars from 80 (using this spot to grind that xp.) I was wondering what prof's to take up once I hit 80 (in terms of gold making). I have been told Inscription is the way to go, but also a lot of people have said just Minning, Herbalism is the best way for gold.

  8. I think you can do that with the enchantrix but I'll take a look myself.

    As far as profs go I wouldn't get mining and herbalism, having to use macros or addons to periodicaly switch out one or the other is annoying imo.

    Get a complimentary profession along with herbalism or mining.

  9. I do pretty much what you are wanting to do using the search function of auctioneer. I do a quick scan of the auction and then search for weapons and armor that will net me a certain amount of profit. Nearly all the ones in the profit range I search for are in the 74-80 range.


  10. I'm not sure if bringing a tailor with Northrend Cloth Scavenging is actually gonna improve your droprate of Frostweave Cloth from theese mobs.

    Since Northrend Cloth Scavenging only works on humanoids, according to wowhead.

  11. I agree blackapple, but I've had conflicting reports from tailors.

    The real way to test is to bring a tailor, loot the mob, and see if cloth is on it for the tailor after you've looted.

    There are several mobs that drop the cloth eventhough they are 'undead,' so it's unfortuneately not quite as simple as humanoids only.

    If anyone has positive proof either way please share it!

  12. I've had extra cloth drop off Dragonkin in VH. Course, I'm assuming they're flagged as dragonkin.

  13. Every plant mob is friendly with me so I am unable to farm here. Is this blizzards doing or was it from doing her quests?

  14. The mobs you are killing are not plants, make sure you move to the correct location as shown on the map at the end of this video.

  15. The mobs you are farming are the undead. The plants are just along for the ride and help out.

    AOE is great in this location if you time it right. Freya has 2 casting cycles. If you watch for the second cycle and AOE the area, Freya will kill most of the mob for you and you will still get the drops as long as you have tagged them.

    The respawn rate is amazing. There was 2 of us in a group and with my "Northrend Cloth Scavenging" cloth was being left behind. There was 2 other groups in the area also farming and there were no issues. There are plenty to go around! I had a blast (fire mage)!

  16. Marcopolo! It's Eevil, come back to Twisting Nether, fool!

    Grats on getting posted on WowInsider, good to see you and Thunderer are still doing what you do best: killing stuff for cash. :P

    Take care, dude, and swing by TN sometime!


  17. To: Eevil

    Will do man! Thanks!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.
  19. Unbelievable...I'm a warlock 30/41 so there is virtually 0 down time killing 3 at a time, and you cant loot these things fast enough

    in 50 minutes, I gathered...

    - 143 cloths

    - 5 greens (DE'd 2 which was2 dusts and dream shard, vendered 3 for 31g)

    - 40.9g in coin

    - 25.97g grey items

    If I wasnt a tailor, this would have been about 280g/hour in just cloth, plus the coin, greens, greys, etc.

  20. seems to be fixed :/

  21. I just did it yesterday. I'll try again tonight or tomorrow and see, but I assure you it worked quite well yesterday.

  22. It has been fixed.

  23. what's fixed about it? It sure isn't the spawn rate. They still drop cloth, and the thick fur scraps that vendor for 50s a piece. If 400g an hour is "fixed", great!

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