Funny Shield Slam

Just a fun post while my server is resetting:

I had zerker buff, recklessness, kings, shield block, trinket and mow. My target was a lock who I had silenced, disarmed, and shield slammed once for the +10% glyph. I was in defensive stance but I'm pretty sure I had enrage from his pet hitting me so that evens out.

Granted I had the zerker buff but still this would of been a really big crit even without it :D

That says 5661 Physical (11428 Overkill) (Critica)
For the mathematically challenged, that's 17089.

Without zerker you're looking at a 13145 crit :)

  1. This and the last comment are both interesting because I have characters on both AoS and Drak'tharon, although my current main server is Arygos (I keep up with friends on the other two).

    Nice slam ;-)

    And yeah, this casino spam crap is getting severely out of hand.

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