Help with Auctioneer - Where's my data?

I'll keep the sender anonymous, but his question is in the minds of many confused players:

Can't seem to get my auctioneer to find items that are selling for less then vendor value. I've downloaded the newest auctioneer version. The search is simple.. like you described just put in the amount over vendor value that you want under the vendor search tab and click search but it always returns no results. I've even had buddies post auctions for me that are under vendor value and should show up in the vendor searches as I've checked that the posted item in question is within the auctioneer vendor search criteria and is still active, auctioneer is not detecting them as well. From this test I know that many under vendor value items are most likely out there but the problem lies in the fact that auctioneer is not returning them. Any ideas or advice?

You have to first do a normal scan of the auction house. Once this scan is complete you can then sort through this information with the vendor search. If the next day you search for vendor without performing a normal scan you will be using the old data and not the current data on the auction house. Basically, when you scan you are only looking at a copy of the auction house, that's why some items will no longer exist when you select to purchase them.

Hope that helps anyone who was confused with using auctioneer!

Regarding patch 3.1 and auctioneer, YES there will be UI changes implemented in the game so expect auctioneer to be down for around 1-4 weeks while the designers work tirelessly to update their tool.

Do you have a question about auctioneer that you think I can answer? - Then shoot me an email or comment on this post below!

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  1. Hey, a question about Auctioneer, How many times in a 24 hour period should I scan the AH for the raw data (not the vendor searches etc?)

  2. I'd say twice (once in morning, once at night would be good).

    Remember to scan just before you search for deals, otherwise you are using old data.

  3. Auctioneer was working on the PTR if I remember correctly. That would be a good thing to check out.

  4. It may be because i'm nt english speaker but i dont get it.

    I'm not performing a full AH scan (it's taking too long, and i only focus on some item (Blue, Purples - whatever they are, Darkmoon cards to Arctic Furs).

    What i do is searching for a specific item (ie : Frozen Orb or all the Rare+ items). Then the % that Auctioneer show me is the % of the median price. Correct?

    So to my experience, each time i do a specific search on an item, Auctioneer is reloading it's data on this item, compile it and maybe 'adjust' a bit what is the new median price.

    Am i correct?


  5. If you use the advanced search option it should take less than 5 minutes to complete a full scan.

    After scanning (or searching around for frozen orbs specifically) auctioneer will update it's data and market value.

    You can then search with the search tool (auctioneer specific) for deals.

  6. As it was posted previously, using /aadv getall is much faster than the regular scan function. Takes less than ten minutes as opposed to like 20 minutes.

  7. Hey, i've only just recently started reading your blog and a few others, lots of them talk about buying low and selling huigh and about all the gold that can be made. when i come to do this using auctioneer the deals it show either end up loosing me money, or there miniscule profits compared to the claims of massive profits. i can't figure out if this is just me not checking correctly or my server is just full of people trying the same thing ?

  8. The easiest way to make gold is to sell hundreds of items at small profits (1-5 gold each).

    Check out some of the older posts such as buy low sell normal and selling individual items instead of stacks.

    Welcome to the blog :)

  9. @Darraxus - There is now a button that you can press for people who do not want to remember slash commands or make a macro for the quick scan.

  10. @beck1988
    The one thing auctioneer can't tell you is IF an item will actually sell in a timely fashion, or even any more. Well, unless its a vendor search. Then you know your profit is secure.

    Your server might have a lot of competition. Or a server filled with under cutters. Or people waiting for the next patch.

    I find very few good bargains for Resale these days. I mostly sell trade goods I make using market price materials.

    I do however, still sell a few items with the right stack size. I still sell single Thorium and Saronite bars at 2-3x their market value. Not a ton, but some. I recently was able to sell a few stacks of Arcane Dust I had gotten cheaply in a flooded market because I was the only one selling them in lots of 5s. Lots of 1s and 20s, no 5s.

  11. @Bankofamorab

    Good luck with the site and let me know if you need any help!

  12. I am wondering how you get Auctioneer to show the percentages you talk about on your gold making guide. The data auctioneer shows me is a huge list of data, but no where on the pop up box does it list percentages, do I have something configured wrong? I know sort of off topic, but it is auctioneer related :P Love your blog, thanks!

  13. I have been having a problem with the quick search for the past few months. I used to be able to do the quick searches and it would scan the auctions in about 3 minutes but now if I try I get disconnected.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this or at least what the problem is?

  14. Hmmm. I've never heard of something like that happening. I would suggest going to the forums for auctioneer and asking the developers.

  15. I have a question..

    what happened to bottom scanner?.

  16. Bottomscanner is discontinued. But its functionality is now integrated in one of the standard auctioneer programs (can't remember which one it was).

  17. @haeras - Bottomfeeder is replaced by the searchui functions. These are a lot more flexible.

  18. Hi.

    Since you so nicely asked for questions about Auctionneer, here is mine (I'm totally lost with all the options, price methods, etc. please excuse my noobishness) :

    - I wish for a way to buy every, say, "saronite ore" if their buyout is below 1po piece.
    For now, I search for "saronite ore" hit the 'display price per piece' checkbox, et manually hit the "buy" button.

    Is there a much faster way ?

    - Is there some kind of "noob" guide to Auctionneer that would explain the options, the difference between the various pricing methods, etc. ?

    Thanks a lot.

  19. @Gronyon
    What you are talking about is a Snatch list. Its one of the type of Searchers. Basically you configure a list of items and their prices to look for. After you perform your search, to buy or bid on everything you press Ctrl+Alt+Shift-Purchase All (the Purchase button changes text).

    You may not buy it all right then. Some items match your Snatch list because of their bid price. So when you Purchase an item you bid or buy, whatever Auctioneer is recommending

  20. There is a 22 steps to auctioneer guide that I wrote, though it is slightly outdated.

  21. Snatch !! yeah, thanks a lot !
    I saw that option once, but had no clue what it was for, lol.

    Marko, your 22 step guide is where I learnt the very nice Vendor thing :)

  22. If i have three characters, can one character do the normal scan and the other characters automatically get the update? or do all characters have to perform the scan?
    Kenshunter of Firetree

  23. Yes, scan data is shared between toons on the same account. So is stuff like Bean Counter data, which is really handy if I use one character to buy materials and the other to sell them. I can know how much I paid at the AH for the materials without switching.

  24. My vendor search wasn't working either until I realized that you have to have Informant installed as well. Auctioneer pulls all the vendor prices from it so if its not there, the vendor search has nothing to compare to.

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