Herbs and Glyphs - One Not So Much

First off, don't stockpile all levels of herbs. Just stockpile the best ones, because players can turn in inks of the sea for any other ink.

Many players ask me which glyphs I'm stockpiling for 3.1. They are shocked to hear: ALL of them.

Players will want to experiment and although some glyphs will sell better, no two servers will be the same. Plus, the glyphs that don't sell well now (a rarer spec's glyphs for instance) will sell amazingly well on patch day!

So I'm going to make 35 of every single glyph. Then I'll post one of every glyph on patch day at a very high price on one character and then five at a more resonable price on a seperate character. Why limit myself to the most popular glyphs, thereby completely missing all the players that will be experimenting on patch day?

As glyphs sell I will repost and every few hours I'll readjust my prices to keep the glyphs selling. If any of my glyphs sell out, I'll have 500 inks of the sea to help restock the store shelves.

The last patch I made 20,000+ gold from inscription. I'm hoping for 15,000-20,000 this time.

Start stocking up now, and Good Luck!

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  1. Hey there.
    Can u explain me why people will be experimenting on patch day?
    And What I gotta buy / AH?

    Sorry for newb question :D

  2. 2 reasons why people will experiment. Bliz has stated that they are refunding all our talent points when 3.1 comes out AND the Dual spec system will also be coming out. People will want more glyphs for their second spec and may change out glyphs for their primary spec depending on their class change.
    I expect that a lot of priest will be using the PoH glyph if they don't already have it.

  3. Rofl at all the botanical and Horticulture ads on this post.

  4. Hey Marcko, for a non Inscriptionist as my self, i am at 2600 gold, and will be at 3600 tomorrow by selling a ring, how would I make money from the Glyph Market?

  5. I honestly don't see how this will be profitable, Chances are people have already stocked up on the glyphs while they are cheap on the ah so to me making a bunch of every glyph will be a waste of time. Unless i am somehow looking at this wrong. Btw great job on the blog's I love reading it everyday

  6. Not everyone reads these sites. So I'm thinking most people won't be prepared. Heck, some don't even know about dual specs. I've met a few such 80s in the game.

  7. Thanks for your fast response. I gave up on inscription a few weeks ago and would love it if it would become profitable again ( I missed out on the last patch due to family prob's so was out of game for a bit) Any idea which glyphs i should shoot to make?

  8. @2nd Anonymous

    Did you even read the post? Seriously.

  9. Yes I read the post I was speaking more along the lines of someone who didn't want to have to make "All OF THEM". But whatever

  10. Could you explain the reason why you'd post 1 item at a high price on an alt and several items at a lower price on your main trader?
    Is it to discourage people from undercutting, to affect the mentality of the buyers or...?

  11. Mentality of buyers, they think they are getting a deal.

  12. I would think it is there to act as a price ceiling, and also as a final buffer when people have bought out all the reasonably priced glyphs.

    But most importantly, a high priced glyph at the top will make people to perceive the main trader's price to be reasonable and at a discount, making them more willing to buy it.

  13. Oops, my bad, markco beat me to the reply

  14. I am planning on doing much the same thing, however I am not making any glyphs myself that sell for under the cost of 1 ink of the sea and 1 parchment. (4 ish gold on my server)

    the reason being is that I will lose money on those glyphs if I make them just from my mat cost snatches.

    to combat this I am still buying and bidding on any glyphs that are under this price and holding them till patch day, and I will also be barking in org, "selling all glyphs 15g each" (10g profit over mats instantly)

    barking, AH for any made glyphs above 5g, and bidding/buying low now and selling normal on patch day are my plans for my glyphs.

  15. I have mid level inscription on an alt(bout 250) and can say that I have sold only about 100g worth of glyphs since I started. I can't seem to sell anything. I have researched what classes need what glyphs, I have got maybe 20 or 30 minor recipes that I have researched, but nothing sells. In fact I am vendoring the glyphs I have made as I level as I am sick of having them not sell.

    Am I too low a level to make money off inscription or did I miss the boat with this profession? Once dual speccing comes in, won't the glyph market completely die due to little to no demand from established players?

    Also, I am noticing on my server that a lot of the price of most high end farmed materials are steadily falling, whereas mats like truesilver and thorium are climbing due to a very small supply.

  16. On my server I get on average 28g / sold glyph. Im saving time even buying ink for 60g / stack. making around 1k / day relisting glyphs 3 times / day. Also have the other big sellers on friendlist helps. Never relist when they are online, wait 5 min and undercut 1 copper :)

  17. I sent Markco a lengthy email a while back with my opinions which he can do with as he likes, but I'll summarize here. If you don't want to go bananas on glyphs like Markco plans to, focus on these:

    1) Brand new discovery glyphs. If you are the first on the server for a glyph, you set the price.

    2) Glyphs that apply to a core skill for a class that are getting buffed.

    3) Glyphs that are currently good sellers that aren't getting nerfed.

    I wouldn't waste time, money or energy on the following:

    1) Minor glyphs - there are only 3 or 4 good ones for each class and most of those have nothing to do with the spec you choose.

    2) Glyphs that are getting nerfed. Even if the glyph is still good it might take a while before people trust buying it again, especially if there is a brand new glyph competing for the glyph spot.

    3) Low level glyphs. I wouldn't personally waste my time with anything below Outland level. Sure, there are some gems in the 1-300 range, but you'll make minimal profit at best most of the time.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to discuss/argue/flame.


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