How to Farm Thorium on a Crowded Server

Here's an excellent one on farming thorium if you are getting destroyed by the competition in Wintersgrasp or EPL on a crowded server.

Hi Marco.
My nick is Speeder. I posted couple days ago with my money tips, so here goes another one.

I'm enjoying your blog so i decided to sell my little idea how to earnsome money.
I sell thorium for around 50g /stack. It's staedy income , and 90% ofposted thorium are sold in couple of hours.

Most miners are located in EPL/Winterspring. It can be sometimepainful on old(or/and) pvp serever with big competition.But you can mine thorium in Dire Maul as well. Zone in (east part), kill last boss , exit corridor (after last boss - Alzzin theWildshaper) guarantees 3 Rich Thorium Veins (12-15 ore).

Reset instance and do it again :). easy moeny, no competition. You can loot boss as well for some blues and greens.

Hope you'll find this tip helpfull, maybe not biggest money you can find, but definitely stress-free so to speak :).

Of course I find your tip helpful! This is a great way to beat competition on the server and pick up some good enchanting mats as well.

Thanks again Speeder. What do you guys think? Is this better than farming Winterspring or EPL because you're gauranteed three nodes in the time it takes to clear the last boss? What if you're on a crowded server or the mining routes are being farmed at the moment?

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  1. Here's my method. In WPL in Hearthglen, there's always 2 spawns of RTVs up. there's 3 where you don't even need to kill anyone to get to them. then there's 4 spawns that are in the mine shaft (or right at the entrance). I have my 62 mage stationed there, log him in every 15 or so minutes, if I have to, AOE the trash (giving me runecloth, and a ~bubble of xp) mine up the metal, and log out.

    I do it when I first log on, and when I'm going to log off, and whenever I remember during my play time, and I come out with usually a stack or two per day.

    The other nice thing is, the scarlet miner and another rare spawn is usually up, the miner drops 1-2 greens, and the other one drops a green and a bop recipe worth 1.5g to a vendor.

  2. Just run the caves with ants in silithus... its about 2 stacks per 30 minutes.. very fast respawns and 1-3 veins in every cave

  3. Silithus has always been a much better farming spot than EPL or WPL or Winterspring. Install Gatherer with the HUD plug-in and run the caves as well as around the edge.

    Every node in the caves is a rich node.

  4. Marko, I believe you meant Winterspring when you wrote Wintergrasp on your post. Very small difference, yet details matter ;)

  5. LOL It's the little things that matter!

  6. Thats what she said!

  7. Bug caves worked for me much better than WPL/EPL. I've rarely found any Thorium in the Plaguelands. I guess because it is heavily farmed.

  8. This is a great tip, and also keeps you close to the DM Arena which has two rare spawns, both of which have a chance at dropping some very nice BoEs - including the Orb of Deception which STILL sells for quite a bit.

  9. Hmm, doesn't killing the last boss require first to kill the satyr boss so that the tree can open the door ?
    Or am I confusing Dire Maul entrances ?

    At 50g a stack of 20, and say 6-8 ore a mine, that's 7x3=about 50g a run, 5 runs max per hour, but it might be you don't even need 1h to do the 5 runs even if one need to kill the Satyr first. That would be 250g for the 5 runs, that's not exceptionnal for resell purpose but that's very nice especially when you need the mats for leveling your profession !

  10. You do need to kill the Satyr first. Otherwise the tree isn't freed and won't open the last door.

    And better clear the two flower groups near the endboss first, too. They are linked and hurt, even at 80.

  11. @ Gronyon - yes, you have to kill Stayr first, thats why itsn't fastest way to mine thorium (but for sure safe way). Anyway sorry for typos in my tip, this how you write emails looking if child isn't doing anything wrong lol

  12. You did great speeder, thanks for the email! It's a really helpful tip.

  13. It's actually only a guarantee of 2. It can be either 2 or 3. It's still very quick. I was able to do each clear in about 5 minutes.

  14. ok, how do I get the door open? down in "the basement"

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