Kreug's Sword - Easy Quick Wow Gold

Kreug Oathbreaker just outside of Naxx drops a 6 gold gray sword 43% of the time. Combined with his chance to drop up to 7 frostweave cloth makes him a worthwhile kill on the way to your nightly raid.

Warning: This mob is TOUGH for an undergeared player or clothy without some sort of snare effect. Slows do not appear to be enough, as he still moves wicked fast! If you are going to kite him then kite in a circle as he is quick to reset.

Do you know of any other mobs like Kreug that drop nice grays? I've been searching long and hard and the only other mobs that even compare are here.

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  1. If you'd of spotted it before 3.0.8 it was the best L19 twink weapon in the game and sold on AH for several hundred gold.
    Unfortunately now it is only good for killing time before a raid.

  2. Yeah I had this on my level 2 twink lol. That was way too fun.

  3. spacedrabbit said... March 26, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    This just doesn't seem worth the time. And if its a difficult fight for any non-tanking class, you may just find yourself with a repair bill totaling more that you could make on this mob.

  4. Markco, thanks for the tip. Being that the mob is close to Naxx it is a good thing to post. For those of you who need something else to farm while waiting for raids to start, I created a post on my blog.

    Making money while waiting for Naxxramas Raid to begin

  5. You have to be joking, right ? C'mon Markco you can do better then this. Everything in Northrend is "a worthwhile kill on the way to your nightly raid". The time you use to kill this dude for 43% chance to drop a 6g worth sword, you can kill some animals and sell their meat and junk for more then 6g. This hardly qualifies as a tip, especially with a such promising title like "easy quick wow gold". You may be occupied or in a hurry to post something. But this...

  6. LOL Archangel this is the highest paying gray drop (non quest or fishing) in the game... of course I'm going to post on it!

    Plus this guy is kind of fun to kill :)

    And I'm never 'in a hurry' to post. Most of the posts you see have been waiting in a que for days-weeks at a time.

  7. Archangel shut it. He is posting great tips for us others to make money and you are blaming him.

    Great job Markco, reading your blog daily, keep it up :)

  8. Thanks a ton for the tip, Markco.

    I was introduced to your blog about a week ago and have already used the frostweave farming tips to get my tailor from 375 to 408 (which is all I've done with the advice so far).

    Once I've got more characters maxed out on various professions, etc I'll start using these tips to actually farm for gold.

    -Tufak, Feathermoon

  9. I more or less ahve to agree with Archangel. There are a lot of things you could do for the same amount of gold or more in the same amount of time. How bout a Kaluak Daily or something?

    Back before it was changed, it was a worthwhile kill because you could get 100 plus gold for the sword. I can make more that the 6 gold vendor price off of one fish in a fraction of the time in Dragonblight.

  10. Darraxus, if you're in a raid group doing the wait, you won't be able to complete any quests :D

    But fishing is what I normally do waiting for raid to begin.

  11. Well, here is a good question, what grey items in the game are currently worth holding onto?

    Im on an rp server and the grey loot drops from AV (Tear Stained Kercheif, etc.) sell for a good 10-15g (i have actually sold some). There has to be some worthwhile twinkish equipment too. Like the noble's monocle, etc.

  12. In case you're interested, the best in slot twink head (if less than level 5 with no engineering) is a wizard's hat in dalaran with 2 armor.

  13. Oh, i was thinking about loot dropped items. The hat costs 50g, but is sold at a vendor.

    Another example is lucky rabbit's paws, drops from low level wolves. THese items sell for up to 5g a pop on my server.

    Believe it or not, people say having a stack or two improves roll chances ;)

    But i was just htinking there has got to be a list somewhere of farmable grey items of worth especially on an RP server, or for lvl 19 twinks.

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