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Email received regarding a great mailbox mod:

Hi Marcko, it's me again, but with a little suggestion this time. I watched your AH vid and noticed that emptying your mailbox takes quite a lot of time due to so many auctions. I found a nifty little addon, which makes the life of a big-scale auctioneer easier, especially when it comes to a full mailbox.

Check out "Easymail"

It helps you to select multiple letters or even empty the complete mailbox at once without clicking every letter+attachment. The version on curse is from December, but still works fine for me. Perhaps it helps a bit.

Beside that, thanks for the awesome guide, money is already rolling in :)



Thanks for the great addon and I'm really happy you're doing well already!

I've really enjoyed the mod so far, I was so sick of clicking all those damn auctions because my old mailbox mod broke.

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  1. Just shift click each mail.. it automatically plops the items in your bags, or takes out the coins.

    You don't even really need to move your mouse. Buncha lazy whippersnappers...

    Back in my day, the closest mailbox was loch modan. And we trudged there with gray quality boots on!

  2. Lol! Well try shift clicking your mail for an hour because there's 10,000 gold in there! I did and my wrist nearly fell off!

  3. I strongly prefer the addon Postal.

    It's updated regularly and allows for some customization. I cannot live without it.

  4. I haven't tried the ones mentioned here. But CT_MailMod is pretty good. I like the "Take Cash" option.

  5. I'm with anonymous. Postal is a great mod. You can set contacts so that you can click the character's name that you want the mail sent to. Great if you have multiple character you items and gold to. Along with the other features Easymail has, it also has options for opening all of a certain type of mail (all "auction successfull" mail, or all "auction expired mail", etc.

    If you like Easymail, I strongly suggest you try this mod out.

    P.S. I've never tried Easymail before (I've never had a problem with postal), so I'm not sure if Easymail has any of these features already or not.

  6. I remember trudging with gray quality boots, myself! Except our mailbox was in Goldshire, so we had to put up with endless Duels too...
    Anyway, just wondering about the shift-click. Would setting Auto-Loot serve the same purpose?

  7. One more vote for Postal. It seems to get updated much quicker than other similar products, and allows for all the mail utility I need.

  8. Preposterous!

    I already gave you a macro on the youtube messaging system for emptying your mailbox awhile ago >=O

  9. More Postal love.

    Ability to pick from a list of common mail recipients has saved me endless keystrokes as I move crafting goods between profession alts and send everything to my ah alt.

    And option to open selected or all mail at once is also invaluable for a busy AH alt.

  10. actually, Easymail was a Cosmos mod, only updated for the expansion. I'm not sure how much it is going to be furthered. I have used it for years, and haven't tried Postal yet, but may make a move.

  11. Postal is the shit. I've tried lots of mods and IMO there are none that really can shed light on Postal.

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