New WOTLK Gold Guide

It's finally here! After three years of game play and countless hours of work, I give you:

Markco's Gold Guide at !

In my guide I reveal the best methods for discovering market niches on YOUR server. I even include multiple examples of how every single profession can make tons of gold daily (in case you're too lazy to discover your own niches). This is the most dynamic and powerful section of the whole guide!

For new players I offer a complete explanation of the value of items in this game; which happens to be the most important information you're going to get while leveling!

If you're working on your first character or an alt and want to make substantial amounts of gold leveling then you will want to read my leveling with professions section which tells you the three best professions to level with. (HINT: They aren't all gathering)

My auctioneer guide is step by step exactly what you need to follow every day to make 300-1000 gold off the underpriced goods on your server. It's free money, why not snatch it up?

For the gold tycoons out there I offer a collection of advanced auction house guides which will take your game to the next level. What makes these timeless strategies unique is that no two players will use the same gold making techniques!

Q: Will you continue to work on your blog now that you've made your own gold guide?
A: YES! I love this blog and will continue to post great FREE gold guides and youtube videos.

Q: Will this guide be cheap?
A: If by cheap you mean the least expensive guide on the internet with the most information... then yes! How's 45 cents per page sound compared to most other guides charging 60-75 cents per page.

Q: Will the guide be free for your loyal blog readers?
A: No, but I have worked with clickbank to provide a special FREE premier subscription for everyone that buys the guide during the promotional period. This includes live updates for expansions and patches.

NOTE: I encourage everyone to try to make gold first with my free blog before buying. There is tons of great information here and thousands of people have succeeded just from reading my posts on auctioneer. If you feel that you need additional help then perhaps you should try the guide.

30 comments: on "New WOTLK Gold Guide"

  1. Bought! Very pleased so far, haven't got time to put myself into it that much yet. But maybe tomorrow. Had a brief look over it and it looks marvelous.
    Just a suggestion, it looks kind of like an old word document - Put some colors in there? ^^

  2. Hmmm what do you suggest? Titles a different color perhaps? I could understand it being uneasy on the eyes after more than half an hour of reading.

    Really happy that you like the guide, I hope you make thousands of gold with it!

    Without giving away too much, what's your favorite part?

  3. I don't understand how you have testimonials if you just released the guide yesterday!

  4. Two sources:

    1. Beta Testers
    2. Google has had the site for a week! Some people actually found it and bought it before I was finished lol.

  5. To Marcko

    My favorite part has to be the basics. I've always loved reading game manuals for example. I can read them over and over again, at toilet - in the car, before i go to sleep and i learn something new EVERY single time. The same applies to your guide.

    As for the layout/color, i would suggest something to bring out the headlines, and "mini-headlines" just to ease the eye abit.

  6. If I ever decide to buy a gold guide, this will probably be the one I get. I don't plan to buy a gold guide any time soon, but you never know.

    By the way Markco, did you test out that macro I sent you?

  7. Noak I'll try to test it tonight after I get home from work. Was it the crafting and disenchanting macro? Because you cannot automate something like that unless you click for every item. You would need an addon (I could possibly write it) to do that kind of automation without botting.

  8. Guide is even readable from a phone. Please keep it simple and easy to access from mobile browsers.

  9. Thank you amorab, let me know if any of the pages give you trouble while viewing with a phone. I will be keeping the layout but I think that changing the colors on titles will help with browsing through the longer pages.

  10. I am personally sad that it has come to this :/. I feel that what he has done is exactly what he says in his guide. "Don't spend hours farming mobs, your fellow players are the mobs".

    This is basically what he has done to his readers and exploits them for his monetary gains outside of a game and into the real world.

  11. I don't expect everyone to understand the effort that went into this 80+ page guide but saying that I am exploiting my readers is a little extreme.

    I see this guide as an alternative to the blog if you still have trouble and I put many long hours into my work. I'd say 90% of my readers will be completely comfortable financially in wow just from reading the free tips and analysis on Just My Two Copper, so the guide is really just for those that are struggling or would like to take their game to the next level.

    Expect more great economic commentary, farming spots, and content patch information from this blog as always.

  12. Sadly, I'd have to consider myself the perfect candidate for a gold guide. I struggle to make money while being a semi-hardcore raider (lack of content prevents hardcore status) despite following the guide for weeks.

    Take the AH for example, every guide says to scan it regularly, buy stuff at bargains and resell them but I just find myself confused as to what to buy to begin with.

  13. Ive tried tonnes of guides out, not because i cant make gold, but because I like to see what they offer. Yours by far has the most information on how to make gold in wow that I have ever seen. You give at least 3 or 4 times the examples that most other guides give, and the examples you give actually work, and will work for a long time.
    Your guide is also alot cheaper compared to other guides. Its also nice how you dont have a whole bunch of filler in your guide either, I hate it when people take stuff straight out of a game manual and put it in a guide.
    Im very impressed with your work Marcko, good job!

  14. LOL at the anonymous post about exploiting readers. Markco didn't have to write a single thing on the internet, yet he did, and he's helped a lot of us, especially those of us who read regularly.

    Get off your high horse. If you put half the time Markco does into his work here, you'd expect a little compensation for your time too.

    Good work on everything Markco, I haven't bought the guide yet, but I may do that soon. Otherwise, your site is always spot on. Thanks as always!

  15. i think this is a great guide for people who are beginning their AH career.

  16. Jess, can I have your permission to place that on my site as a testimonial? I would write just 'Jess' as the author.

    Thanks and I'm glad someone like you (with experience reading the other guides) was willing to comment.

  17. Wilson, thanks man, I don't let these kinds of negative comments get me down but it sure is nice seeing a comment like yours.

  18. Unable to buy :(

    Love this blog, Pretty sure ill love the guide.

    Unfortuantly....I cant buy :\

    I tried yesterday to buy on clickbank, But it says "Unable to process your order at this time"

    I tried several times later on, same reply.
    I tried there again today, but still, Same problem.

    Just wondering if im the only person with this problem?
    Im from Scotland if makes a diffrence.
    I tried googling clickbank, but couldnt find anything relevant or up to date really.

    Hope someone can help :\

  19. Try again in a few hours, apparently clickbank is down temporarily. Possibly an update or something.

    Please email me if you continue to experience problems.

  20. Oh, your card may be rejected by clickbank (this gives the same error message). Try again with another card if you have that option available to you.

    Sorry for the confusion!

  21. Thanks Markco.

    Hopefully the sites just down for a while, As ive never used clickbank before, so I dont think card would be rejected, or i hope not as i dont have another card to try with :\

    Thanks anyway. Will post back if i get.

  22. Yea go ahead, as long as people know of a good guide then maybe that will help get rid of all the useless ones out there.

  23. Hey, Markco i saw the videos added in the guide. Well i can "see" where they supposed to be, but i can't watch them. I've tried all possible plugins but none of them work. Even if i run it in Internet Explorer. Help!? :)

  24. Olad, they are windows movie files (WMV) so you will need software compatable with those files. Internet explorer should be able to run them.

    That link will send you to a place where you can download windows movie player and view the videos.


    Woops, didn't fit so I broke it up, please take these three lines and combine them into one url

  26. I did have Windows Media Player from before, but it still don't work. The videos won't work. I could try downloading them separately and viewing them of Media Player that way. If thats allright with you. :)

  27. @Marko
    What encoder did you use? If it was Windows Media, what version?

    What version of Windows Media Player do you have installed? It might be too old for the files.

  28. This is the anonymous poster from yesterday.

    Just to let you know, Tried to buy guide again today, Same error.

    Oh well, Keep up the blog ! :)

  29. To Anonymous: Yeah I noticed sales suddenly stopped again today. I think it's just clickbank or a credit card issue.

    Try using a seperate card and see how it goes.

    I have an email to click bank to look into this issue as other users have written about simliar problems.

    I am sorry you haven't had access, try emailing clickbank to see if they can pinpoint your exact problem.

  30. i have to agree, you should first try to make gold on your own before buying. but i know plenty of people who needed to buy as they couldn't ever quite figure out how to make any on their own lol

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