Old World Essences

As I search through the auction house for items to resell with my handy auctioneer addon, I always like to snatch old world essences.

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Back at level 60 there were no motes or crystalized elemental items, instead, you had essences which stacked up to 10 and didn't combine into anything. (Yikes I feel old talking about this).

These items are still used in twink enchants, leveling professions, and in some valuable crafting recipies. Anytime you see auctioneer suggest to bid on or buy one of these out you shouldn't think twice.

I find that fire, air, life and undeath sell the best, probably due to Firey, lifestealing, agility to weapons, and spellpower twink enchants. Essence of earths sells ok, but I definately focus more on the others.

What items do YOU like to snatch on the auction house? - COMMENT! :)

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  1. Right now I'm snatching icy dragonscales, black diamonds, and pristine black diamonds for resale at 3.1

    I also have JC and Inscription on my main so I will pick up any green quality gems from northrend for half of the regular cut gems price. for my realm that means about 1g 50s or less for gems as the average gem goes for 3g. I mail, cut about 4 of each type that is over 3g bo then mail them back.

    same type of thing with inscription. 1g 20s for each azure pigment (you need 2 for ink of the sea) Also by this logic any ink of the sea for 2g 40s is on there but they usually sell for 4g 20s.

    Instant profit there OR turn it into a glyph because 1 ink of the sea can be traded for any other ink. this means any glyph that is worth more than 1 ink of the sea and the parchment is an instant profit.

    My final big ticket sntatch is thorium ore. I have this set at 2g 50s (50g a stack of 20) and I prospect it all for gems. Not only is thorium the bottleneck for many professions, so are the gems that come out of it. If I get all cheap gems out of one stack I can lose about 5 to 8 gold, however I usually get enough good gems to double my money or more on almost every stack. Many jewelcrafters would rather buy a gem to get that point than try to get lucky with a stack of thorium.

  2. I'm constantly buying netherweave at 3-4 gold a stack to make bags. It takes 20 cloth, a full stack, plus a 40 silver rune thread (exalted with home city for 20% discount on it) to make a single bag which I sell for 6-9 gold. I started posting 3-4 bags at a time, now I'm up to posting 10 and I still don't get any back.

    I buy a fair amount of Saronite ore for my JC/BS main to craft into any number of things. I buy every stack I can get for 20 gold or less, and not too rarely I see stacks selling for 18gold each on my server. These I usually prospect, but I have been stockpiling some now, as it is the most flexable form of Saronite, for 3.1. Any stack of ore I get an Autumn's glow, Monarch topaz, or Scarlet ruby has more then paid for itself, and I can even sell a couple of the Mana regen Sky Sapphires for more then 20 gold on my server.

    I will also buy cheap saronite bars in addition to the ore. I mostly buy whatever I find under 40 gold, as I dont' use nearly as many bars as I do ore, and I find enough to produce the weapon chains, belt buckles and other BS items I sell without going over that price.

    I have just started using an alts Inscription to make money, so a goal of mine this week is to start working out good prices for herbs so I can stock up inks when prices are low.

    On an interesting side note I had been playing around with old world essences for a little while. Fires were a train wreck for me, I ended up with a massive over stock of them, however Airs made me some good money for while. Now the prices of all of them are coming down hard and Im liquidating the rest of my stock to make room in my guild bank for 3.1 investments.

  3. basehorhonda said... March 11, 2009 at 11:06 AM

    like those before me, i too am snatching up icy dragonscales. Ive gathered a nice batch of those.

    My biggest money maker to date has been Citrine. I try to sell my stuff in stacks of 5, seems to be not as much competition there. On my server, I can bring home 10-14g a set of 5. Someday are better than others, but its that for everything?

    Ive been using my titansteel cooldowns for a major source of income lately. everyone talks about how titansteel demand has come down, well my server, im busy every day. I can sell a cool down for 75-100g per day.

  4. My bread and butter has been enchanting mats. I typically search for "dust" and look for anything posted below 50%, so long as it appears the price of a given dust is tanking.

    I also search by lowest bid for armor uncommon and better levels 0-45, focusing on auctions that expire in 12 hours or less, rather than 48 hour auctions which typically get outbid. DE those items and sell the mats. (Note, I'm only level 70 at the moment)

    I've been collecting Ice Dragonscales as well and I have about 650 right now, but the prices have rose from 1.15g per to 2g per so I'm only snatching up ones posted under 1.5g per.

    BTW Choice (or anyone else) what the scoop on Black Diamonds and Pristine Black Diamonds. I understand they are for 3.1, like the scales, but what will cause their value to spike, and by how much do you think?

  5. The pristine black diamonds are required for the only repetable way to get rep with an old world, basically useless, faction that is going to be part of a new Feat of strength. I have watched the price on my server climb from 5 gold or so, with some low end dips down to a gold, per diamond to around 10 gold normal price, and a few lower dips as low as 5 or so, and this has only been within the last two-three weeks since this was seen on the PTR and I have been watching the AH.

    Black diamonds are going to be in a new Jewelcrafting recipe for them that is in the patch notes (the feat of strength that may boost Pristine black diamond prices isn't last I saw) and to the best of my understanding it creates BC level cut green gem. This could bring the price of black diamonds up a bit, depending on how long the recipe is orange/yellow in my opinion. If nothing else a JC can use the recipe to turn a black diamond into a gem that vendors for 25 silver, which very well could be more profitable then the diamond itself.

  6. I've been going after lvl 70 blue gems for vendor. People on my server have them up for 2-2.50 bid, and hardly anybody buys them. I bid on all of them, and usually pick up 15-20 a day for a 50s profit each (they sell for 3g to vendors). Its a great source of regular income, even if it isn't a lot. It also doesn't take a lot of gold to get started on, and there are always a lot of them up at least on my server.

  7. I have to second the comment about Thorium ore by choice. I've been making some money on this for weeks now. It's not my primary source of income though, it's easy to flood the market.

    Also, for the tailors out there... Mycah's Botanical Bag (Sporeggar Revered) is still the largest herb bag in the game :)

  8. For me it's Cooking Recipes.

    You'd be surprise how well these sell I guess it's due to various achievements requiring a variety of recipes. Also I am making a killing selling the common recipes sold in the major cities such as Slitherskin Mackerel Rainbowfin Albacore etc. Mainly Due to just pure laziness of flying around and picking them up.

  9. Hmmm...I can't speak for the rest of the essences, but I commonly buy Essence of Undeath to vendor.

  10. I snatch herbs, old-world ores, old-word crafting mats such as essences, etc, coilfang armaments, and sometimes minipets.

  11. I second the recipe selling, but for everything not just cooking. A cooking recipe I bought today for a few silver sold for over 7g, it's crazy but recipes seem to always sell for easy profit.

    It's just become my new bread-and-butter following the oversupply of secondary profession books on my server.

  12. I'd like to thanks every one for their "adds" to the post. It's fun to see how every one is willing to help each other by sharing their "own" spot or their "own" item niches for the AH.

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