Pass the Cake Please, It's Delicious

Here's a great reader submitted email that just might make you hungry:

First off, I like your blog and is making a lot more gold now and by just standing in Orgrimmar!

Now for the tip:

I looked through some upcoming World Event achievements and saw that the achievement "Bad Example" requires a Delicious Chocolate Cake. I predict there's some gold to make off this because a lot of people are obsessed with achievements and especially the World Event Achievements.

I have already bought up all the cheap small eggs and mageroyal on AH and have a full bank of these, so I am just waiting. Unfortunately these don't stack so a lot of space will be taken.

The recipe for Delicious Chocolate Cake is a rare drop from ZF off of Sandfury Witch Doctors.

Good luck farming these, you'll make a killing off this achievement if you can manage to get the recipe. Cakes go for 10 gold a pop right now... imagine how much they will be worth during children's week (May 1st - 7th).

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  1. You can also find this recipe with the daily cooking quests. Both Lower City and Dalaran can provide it.

  2. Ignore WoWhead - it doesn't drop off of ZF.

    This recipe is currently available from the cooking dailies only.

  3. Well, i'm very happy about this tip, I think it gives me 2 things to prospect from now till Orphan's week, Small eggs and those cakes. (mageroyal on my server is high priced as it is).

    Does anyone have any more tips for Orphan's week or easter? I'm on an RP server, so people really get into those holidays.

  4. This blog seems to be going downhill. too many people know about it, and the posts are just readers now.
    Your previous articles were much better Markco. i feel i need to buy your guide to get info from you now.
    anyways, thats just my two copper...

    -upset jmtc fan

  5. @upset
    I can't imagine what more he can provide. Auction House basics, links to other useful blogs and examples of most of his techniques are pretty much covered.

    Things like taking advantage of World Events (the next is a ways off), patches (which don't come up often) and farming spots are what he currently writes about. Which seems just about right to me.

  6. I'd recommend checking out what other items are needed for this achievement. Some of them are bought in Dalaran. Another one takes I think Northern Eggs. I plan on posting every single item on the AH because someone will be lazy and want to buy them in one spot.

  7. I'm sorry you haven't been enjoying the blog lately, expect some great stuff coming soon... including a video where I spend almost 7k gold on two items I expect will see record prices on patch day!

    It's difficult to post once a day and get everything in, but I try to give those people nice enough to share their tips some time in the sun, even if I happen to already know the tip they've given. It makes their day and provides others with an inscentive to get their ideas posted as well.

    Sometimes the motive is fame, but usually I'm proud to say it's people who generally just want to be helpful to their fellow wow players.

    So far the reaction to user submitted posts has been very positive, but I will continue to post my own economic thoughts several times each week because I think the core readership likes these the most.

    Hope that eases your mind a bit! :)

  8. I like the user submitted information as well and I am sure you are working on your larger more detailed posts which you will share shortly.

  9. Thanks Amorob, you read me like a book :)

    I have a difficult task in front of me for this blog: Entertain thousands of new readers but stick to the core posts that die hard JMTC fans enjoy the most.

    This kind of feedback is greatly appreciated, especially the kind from the upset poster.

  10. I'm a semi-regular reader and occasional poster, but I would like to add something about the blog and it's "quality issues"
    Markco has written a guide on how to make gold, which he sells to make money. This is a for profit venture. Having a blog that gives us information, even if it's just a collection of tips from other readers, is a brilliant idea from a marketing point of view. And it's also great for us, because we're getting free information. Keyword here: FREE. Free information from an expert.
    There are tons of gold making guides out there. Not many of those people also operate a blog containing new information. They usually just update their ebook and send out new versions every couple of months.
    I appreciate whatever help I can get. Sure, I wish less people would read bc I hate competition XD but it's a good site and a great gold making guide.
    Keep it up, man.

  11. Oh, and on topic: If you are going to farm the mats for this, visit Westfall. I know there is a lot of Mageroyal there and that was where we farmed Small Eggs for Winter's Veil too.

  12. i just think that with the growing popularity of the blog, which i do enjoy very much, that these types of posts aren't as useful.

    By the time i log on tonight, there will be people buying up all mageroyal and relisting for a stupid amount, along with people leveling alts in westfall where they can farm all the herbs/eggs.
    This makes it hard for me to use this post to generate income.

    anyways, my tip (and ones i like to see more of) is buying cobalt ore and making Horned Cobalt Helms.
    11.5 stacks at 20g/stack (230 total) gives, 70 infinite dust and 15GCE. selling during prime times (read gevlons post) brings a tidy profit each week.

    This tip is useful to me because of the relatively stable price of cobalt, and is risk free (since no AH fee on enchanting mats).

    sorry if i upset people above, i just feel that its hard to make a profit with these posts about cooking and such.

  13. @upset

    Thats the great thing about this blog. It has such a wide variety of posts. I can't make horned cobalt helms so I work with other ideas. I make a killing off cooking Snapper extreme and I don't even fish. This blog is great for picking up tips, are all tips going to be useful to you no but it will be to someone.

  14. @ Upset. what server are you on? cobalt ore/bars for 20g/stack???? please, tell me.

    that's literally HALF the price of cobalt on my server.

  15. @ Upset, You make a valid concern that, because Markco's readership and notoriety has grown, people will follow exactly what he says, ultimately affecting the Market in an exaggerated and unsustainable fashion.

    But just like buying mats for the cake is a potential opportunity, so is selling the mats to the buyers. If prices rise due to speculation, it is your opportunity to exploit that. You just have to be careful because speculation is a tough game that can swing wildly in any direction.

    But in general, if speculation drives prices down, if you have the capital to make the investment, you will see a return when that market returns to normal. And thus, when speculation drives prices up, one would want to up drastic under cutters or sell their own stock.

    @ Markco - A general tip, but from a player to player standpoint. Maybe I can't help it, but as a Public Relations Major, I always whisper those that recently purchased my goods. It's pretty common to see "A buyer has been found for your auction of X."

    If I see someone purchased multiple stacks, say Strange Dust, I'll whisper them "Thank you for choosing Wiggin for your Strange Dust needs."

    Typically they say thank you, often ask if I have more to sell, or we chat about other auctions because they are AH hunters as well. Regardless, a simple whisper helps someone remember you as potential future customers.

  16. @HokieJayBee: Arthas, and i buy ore at 19-21g/stack.

    @wiggin: i agree, but from a casual player standpoint, by the time they read this, prices will already be inflated, so no potential there (at least on my server). clever tip about the whispers, might try it

    @everyone: read the wowhead info on this recipe. people farm it for months, so i dont know how much stockpiling you can do for this particular item.

  17. I can attest to what Wiggin is saying, however in my case it happened in reverse.

    After buying a large amount of Saronite ore to prospect I got a letter containing two ore from someone. This person noticed I bought all their stock, and had this little extra bit they forgot to auction, so rather then make a trip back out to a City, or have it take up space until their next farming session they sent it to me.

    When I recieved the letter I checked to see if the person was online, which they were, and thanked them. We started talking a bit, and now this person is a dedicated supplier of ore for me.

  18. Wiggin - Great ideas, awesome tip with the whispers and checking to see who purchased what.

  19. As a relative new reader of this blog I would like to see more about how to maintain and grow your gold making business than specific tips. Like how different proffessions mesh together. Or even better, more in depth analysis of mods like auctioneer, auctionlite, auction master and the like. Especially auctioneer, that mod has gotten so damn huge in the last year it is now very hard to configure and use properly.

    How to spot trends, and how to organize and diversify your stock of items. How to stock and control items in the first place. More spotlights and in depth ideas on how to use mail mods like Postal.
    While I like the farm here, or buy this item posts, I do not think they get into the full depth of what working the AH can be. In addition these kind of posts do not feed out like the Buy X posts do. I like th more abstract ideas.

    For example I maintain a “working balance” on my bank. This is the miniumum amount of gold I keep on him to snap up items and to have liquidity. A post about that sort of thing and the benefits to it would be a nice addition here.

  20. Althalas - Check out the Auction House Strategies tag. I think you'll enjoy these :D

  21. You guys want an economic post? Tomorrow you get it. Instead of posting the tip next week like I planned I will move it up to tomorrow. There's a nice little video that goes with it too.

    (This post will correspond with a post on monday which will go into a nice strategy for getting items underpriced for resale later)

    Thank you for your suggestions and feedback.

  22. Ehh... it really bothers me that people are complaining about the posts. From what Ive seen, not only are the posts free information, they act like the "teach a man how to fish" parable.

    Those of us who just read Markco's posts and follow them blindly are missing out on what you're suppose to do: find a market and use it to profit. There are tons of ways to make money, exposing the delicious chocolate cake is just one of them. You know what though? With all that attention diverted to farming mageroyal, im going to start my own venture elsewhere now that i know at least less people will be involved.

    Learn from Markco's examples and apply the strategies he does in untapped markets. Then you will profit.

    Keep up the great posts!

  23. I was also concerned at first about the posts that reveal solid tips of making some decent gold. More concerned about the ones I'm using. While sometimes I notice on my server, an increase in the activity related to the tips posted (so yeah, people do read blogs), this also doesn't last for long. Maybe most of the people trying these new tips, lack the patience and get bored quickly, or move to the next tip of the day. The best example of all is the Reinforced/Horned Cobalt business. It was revealed, debated, nerfed and it still works amazingly.

  24. Sorry for double comment, but forgot to mention something. There is some concern regarding Markco's blog. If he is posting about some well kept secret of wow, some secret that Blizzard is finding unbalancing, there is a big chance we'll see that changed/nerfed. Is it coincidence that after Markco's article "Rarest Item in the Game" they are nerfing the Magic Dust in the patch 3.1 ? 10sec down from 30sec. And the Magic Dust was an item untouched for 4 years. I don't use it myself, but just read the item comments on wowhead and see what I mean. Markco's article was posted on February 7th and the patch notes of 3.1 on February 24th.

  25. It's a conspiracy!

  26. Pristine Black Diamonds are going for minimum 500% market value since I started checking them following Marcus's post. I'm curious to see if you use your power for evil and profit :).

  27. I am not 100% sure, but maybe only 99%. The recipe dropped in ZF for me 3 weeks ago. It was my first and only ZF run :)

  28. thanks for sharing this blog.

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