A Pleasant Farming Spot

I was randomly killing mobs in dragonblight when I came across a small frozen lake with a dragon's skeleton protuding from the middle. Intreagued I decided to investigate and started killing the ice revenants there.

Then I realized something, all Northrend elementals drop the same grays. Hmmmmm... Interesting.

After killing for almost seven minutes I made 40+ gold in grays, disenchanted greens, and crystallized water. Not bad! The fact that level 80 grays were dropping from level 72-73's was pretty awesome.

Here's the video with the location:

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  1. Nice... Markco ^^

  2. I wanted to mention this last week, and forgot to. According to what I have read on worldofraids.com there are going to be new achievements, as part of the Argent tournamnet, the require people to be exalted with the capital cities of the factions of the Alliance/horde. This could lead to a nice spike in runecloth prices after 3.1 goes live.

  3. Although it doesn't state it explicitly, it looks like there will actually be tokens that increase your rep like those that are rewarded for the regular daily dungeons. Until there is more info don't bank on runecloth going up and don't hoard it because if there are rep tokens from these quests, you could actually be seeing the opposite - runecloth could be dropping out and becoming much less valuable.


  4. i've got to say, i'm a little disappointed. looks and sounds just like all the other guides. and while you toted that your guide would be lower price than others, it's only about $6 cheaper. think i'll stick with what i can glean from the blog for now.

  5. To Anonymous: Hmmm, perhaps you are missing the 'find your own niche' section of the guide? I also added a video to help clarify what to expect when using auctioneer. Please email me so that I can assist you in using the guide.

  6. Well, I gotta say I've way more than "gleaned" information from your blog Markco. I've made a crap ton from your suggestions.

  7. Mobs also drop a grey 100% when mined, a 20 stack sells for 4g50s. Not to mention mining it gives a chance for Cry Earth. Nice spot :)

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