A Post for Twitter Lovers

Just My Two Copper is now a member of Twitter and you can follow at:

I got to admit I suck at this twitter stuff, so feel free to help me out with it! All I know how to do right now is tell people what I'm doing, so I like to post random links and blog posts there.
Do you like twitter? Is this the first time you've heard of it?

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  1. Twitter is great and extremely addicting.

    A couple things I think it should be used for in terms of a WoW blog.

    -Use it to update what your currently doing in game. Just cleared Nax, tweet it, just completely owned in arena, tweet it, just sold a huge auction, tweet it.
    -Tweet when you post new blogs.
    -Put a Twitter widget on your blog

    TinyURL is a godsend. If you are ever going to post a url in your tweet use it.

  2. Thanks Pullen! You're really helping me out with these tips, I'll look into some kind of twitter widget right now.

  3. Am I supposed to follow all the people currently following me? Is that how twitter works best?

  4. A lot of the people who use twitter for things like how you are using have auto-follow on, so who ever follows them in return will get followed.

    I'm camerenisonfire on twitter. I followed you today and from the looks of it you got the what to post and the quantity down.

    Has some really good twitter widgets that have more functionality then the one you currently have up.

    Retweeting is also a good practice. When you see other peoples tweets on your timeline there is an arrow that when you click puts an @TwitterName into the text box. People enjoy being replied to, just don't over do it :P

  5. How do I auto-follow new users?

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