Pro Gnomish Engineering Tip

I received this email regarding an interesting way to make gold with engineering:

I have discovered a trick that I have been doing for awhile now. I thought I would pass it onto your readers.

I am a Gnomish Engineer.

Before BC, you picked a specialization and had to buy a membership card every two weeks in order to purchase the Gnomish Engineering plans. It was 2 gold and you got a gift in the mail for renewing. Sometimes the gift included a rare schematic but usually some engineering materials.

At times, I would get 3-5 Unstable Triggers. On my last run, I spent about 80g and received about 40 Unstable Triggers. These sell for about 10g on my server. Spend 80g to make 400g. Not a bad profit for little to no work at all.

Once you renew your Membership, you can destroy the card and repeat the process. Its tedious but requires no effort at all. It might take a bit for you to sell the triggers but they usually go pretty quickly.

Just don't post them all at once or you will drive down your own cost.

I absolutley love this suggestion and thank you for the email! The poster wished to remain annonymous.

5 comments: on "Pro Gnomish Engineering Tip"

  1. kethryveris said... March 17, 2009 at 7:12 PM

    unfortunately, unstable triggers only sell for a couple of gold on my server (kilrogg alliance), at least at last check. i'll keep an eye on them, tho, in hopes of being able to make good use of this tip. :)

  2. I bought tons of memberships to get the pet schematic. I notices, that these triggers sell very fast.

    I did not notice, that I can charge 10g per trigger... Thanks!

  3. Markco, can you please shut down your blog? :-)

    This quest will be removed in 3.1... I start to believe in your theory. :-)

  4. its being deleted? i though that this was just a farming spot not a quest spot?

  5. Thanks for the information, I like your take on blogging.

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