The Runecloth Risk

Some interesting comments have been made in recent posts regarding the possibility of runecloth skyrocketting in price with the argent dawn tournament.

Not everyone is in agreement however.

What happens if Blizzard implements an awesome way for players to get exalted with their rep factions in preparation for the argent tournament?

I believe that some sort of reputation bonuses will be granted through quests (as many have suggested) but I also believe that runecloth is going to skyrocket in price.

Here's why:

Regardless of what Blizzard implements, we all know how the playerbase feels about grinding quests. It's fun for a short period of time but most would rather buy rep (think sons of holdir rep grind). So eventhough it may be possible to grind some new quest for faction rep most players are not going to A. Have the time or B. Have the endurance to complete these quests every day.

This is where runecloth comes in.

Horde your runecloth, start buying out cheap when the price dips with the announcement of the argent tournament and you'll be the smarter auctioneers. Once the price goes up again and people are bored with the quests you will make a killing.

Yes, many of you are thinking: "But Markco, what if the quests are worth tons of gold, won't players be more willing to complete them then?" Of course! And they will have more money to buy their rep in order to reach exalted with their primary faction faster. Remember the quest to pay 10 gold and get 150 rep on the Isle of Quel'danas? It's the same idea.

For a great farming spot to gather runecloth try hellfire peninsula or stratholme.

NOTE: The argent tournament is a looooooooooong way off... atleast 3.2

23 comments: on "The Runecloth Risk"

  1. Just a further note in regards to obtaining Runecloth if you have a level 80 character you should be able to solo Ramparts, its should take about 1/2hr and you should earn between 60-80g from the drops plus you should pick up between 60-80 runecloth

    So thats around 2g & 2 runecloth per minute.

    I cant think of anywhere better to make cash and runecloth for so little time

  2. I've seen several people on my server within the last 2 weeks begin buying bulk runecloth COD for 3g a stack. I'm not sure if they are also anticipating the future changes/implementations or argent tournament, or if they have another use for it.

  3. Hey Markco, its the same anonymous from your thread about the "Suggested Icecrown Mining Route"

    I decided to use my in game name :)

    But anyway now I have spent around 800 or so gold on Saronite Ore and have gotten 1500-2000g worth of JC/enchanting mats and I just need for them to sell, but since I basically capitalized the market (^.^) there isn't much money to be had until those sell.

    So any other ideas on what I should do?

    I'm kinda lookin for things like the "Cobalt Cash Cow" and the sort. Any help? :)

  4. @Kisun : Just don't flood and they will sell.

    Be careful, once the next patch comes out and epic gems are available it is likley that your blue gems will be worth very little.

    Perhaps you should look into auctioneer for some additional income?

  5. lol I have like auctions posted on my bankeralt and a full GB tab of gems in my bankeralts bankerguild :P

    (My banker alt is actually named "Bankeralt" and he is in a guild called "Bankerguild" heh)

    But like I said, the market sucks on my server, I could look into auctioneer but I won't find anything :P.

  6. Whoops, I meant I had 150 auctions posted, but anyway thats a couple misc things but mostly enchanting mats from DEing the rings I got from JCing and gems I have on AH, I diversified though :). Lots of diff types of gems and 90% are cut.

  7. Many players enjoy the excuse that their server 'sucks.' I bet that if you were to properly use auctioneer you would surprise yourself with how much money can be gained on your server.

    I define a bad server as one that has very few items on it's auction house and a good server as one that has tons and tons of items on it's auction house.

    What's amazing is that many people are the exact opposite.

    Competition may lower prices but it also creates windows of oppurtunity. I'd rather have a crowded server with lots of buying power rather than a small server with a couple monopolies.

    Try auctioneer!!!

  8. you say not to worry over the when the tournament is released however when i googled the release date i got
    which says it is in 3.1

  9. Well, I'm probably one of the doom and gloom types you mentioned from the previous thread. Part of the reason that I am expecting the price of runecloth to drop out is that the city tabards to me look suspiciously like the rep tabards used currently for Wrath factions to gain rep passively during instances. If that is the case, then once I've maxed my Wrath factions, I'll just toss on a city tabard and earn points while I do my normal heroics. I'm guessing a lot of other people will do the same. I didn't want to openly speculate, but that is a big part of what I was basing my prediction on.


  10. lol, then how do I "use auctioneer properly"?

    It seems I just scan regularly then look for good deals, but there are no good deals, seriously. Every major item that sells is going for the same price and that price is almost always relatively low, I feel like it's a stroke of good luck when I see I'm posting an item that had competition above 80%. A lot of the time I just end up posting items for 50% or a little lower cuz the markets are always that low.

  11. Do you follow Marko's 22 steps?

    I found limiting the Resale search to the next 12 hours is better than the default because you are much less likely to lose those auctions.

  12. Markco, the argent tournament will kick off in 3.1. The Coliseum that we are "questing to build" will not be completed until a later date (Probably the next major content patch 3.2?) according to blues on World of Warcraft forums.

  13. Doing quests for the argent tournament "teams" earns you rep with all the fraction cities

  14. If you have tailoring profession you have nothing to worry about.

    This is my suggestion, park an alt next to the demon in the south area of winterspring who sells felcloth and gromblood for almost nothing and check it every hour or less; buying any of the 2 (felcloth and/or gromblood). By the time the patch hits you will have a lot of felcloth to create mooncloth and convert them into Mooncloth bags which I can sell in my server for 20g (check yours).

    So far I have never seen an expired netherweave bag or a mooncloth bag yet. Just DON'T FLOOD the market.

    IF you don't want to do the buying from a demon thing just BUY the mooncloth from the AH and you still make a profit. (no all servers are the same but I am sure those bags have to be in demand every single time)

  15. Forgot to mention that the above advice is "in case" the runecloth don't go up in price and you have tons of them in your bank

  16. Ok, excellent example of my ****ed up economy. I have three helms of narv, I post two on for 100%, I check back this morning to see if anyone had undercut me... someone has....for 30%, at least half the auctions I have seen today that I wanted to post items for were driven so low simply because retards are undercutting by 30-40%. And if I had the cash took the risk of buying out the undercut ones and reselling them at normal prices... I would be undercut my 30% again and that would happen over and over. Welcome to my infinitely crappy economy.

  17. And on Solid Chalcedony's.... someone undercut another person.... by 100%. WTF?!?

  18. To Kinsun: Try analyzing the cycles of your economy. When do items sell high, when do they sell low? Once you figure that out for each item you're interested then the rest is easy!

  19. On my server there is already a high demand for Runecloth, I believe this is because of the Ambassador achievement. On Horde-side I can sell for 8g a stack on some days!

    I'm going to start saving some up in preparation for this though, thanks for the tip :)

  20. Rune cloth has always been one of my best sellers i have an alt that has all Bank bags + bag slots full with runecloth i buy them on AH for as low as 3g per stack to as high as 6g per stack this is so i can controll the market. I post 30 stacks a day for 7.5g each and they sell like hot cakes i never run out as i get on early and buy all the unwanted low priced rune cloth on AH. I believe the best place to farm runecloth is strath if your trying to get baron mounth tins of rune cloth drops Plus if you have an enchanter loads of BoE drop to so disenchant and sell sell sell. Even if this tabars system does come in i could alwasys use cloth on my tailor

  21. I farmed Runecloth for my alt's rep recently and while the Armory spot in Hellfire is nice it didn't hold a candle to the amount I pulled in from Strath.

    my level 80 protection pali was netting around 150 runecloth per run. Don't bother heading into the Gauntlet as the grinding is tougher there and the drop rate poorer. Just take down everything from the front gate through to the service entrance. Rinse/Repeat!

  22. So I am a bit new to WoW and auctioneer. I came across this blog (not this particular post) and decided to just take a stab and see what I can do with it. I allotted 20g to an alt who I keep at the AH in Stormwind. By putting roughly 15 minutes of work into this over the past 4 days, I am now up to 150g by simply buying and reselling runecloth. I'll buy it typically for around 3g and resell for a bit over 5g which happens to be the market price on my server.

    I know it's not extreme amounts, but 15 minutes is a pretty minimal amount of time. I check my mail and AH around 5pm (my time). Since my server is 2 hours behind me, I actually manage to capture the buying "rush." Then before I'm done for the night, I'll check again and repeat.

    There are only limited quantities of runecloth available by working the AH (usually about 20-25 purchases that I'll actually make).

    So my question is, are there any other mats that I can buy and resell? Any other success stories that have been consistent and make more than 2-4 gold apiece? I considered potions, bandages, and other types of cloth... but I haven't seen nearly the same kind of market for these items.


  23. All over the blog :D

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