Seething Revenants - 1000 Gold An Hour

Here's my favorite farming spot for someone who can't use their professions (not leveled enough or for whatever reason). The mobs are Seething Revenants and they die pretty fast, drop up to 15 gold in loot, and respawn as fast as the frostweave farming spot I showed you in sholozar basin.

The anvil where you do several quests for Sons of Holdir rep is where you'll find these mobs. See video for exact location.

When selling your loot remember that crystallized fire sells best individually and that relics of ulduar sell best in stacks of 100.

Enjoy the video and happy farming!

28 comments: on "Seething Revenants - 1000 Gold An Hour"

  1. There are also the ice versions of these nearby. They do not drop crystallized fire, I believe it is earth instead. However, a prot warrior CAN disarm these, and a miner can mine the corpses for crystallized earth, and a grey that vendors for 4.5G per stack. These are also farmed for quest items for the daily, so much of a miner's time will be spent cleaning up other's work...easy money!

  2. I believe you mean frostweave cloth, not netherweave cloth =)

  3. WOOPS - thank you

  4. If you can make 1000g/hour here and in the other post where you said it was the best farming spot in the game you could only make about 500g/hour, wouldn't this be the best farming spot in the game instead?

  5. I was going to suggest you this spot today but some1 else got there before me ^^

    Now just note some things:
    This place is something like the Elemental plateu of Wotlk.Its OVERCROWDED!You wont be able to make 1000g/hour if you are not alone.Every time i reach this spot on my realm it has at least 2 guys farming them.And the respawn is slower than the one with the frostweave cloths..Still fast but not so fast..
    Really Good place IF no much ppl

  6. This place was pure gold a few months ago. Unfortunately on my server the unguilded nelf hunters (aka. chinese farmers) have discovered this place, and at any hour there's at least 2-3 there farming on my server. If you can get this place to yourself, or with one other person there, you'll do pretty nicely though.

  7. When I went here before there were elite mobs including a guy at the anvil? Did not see them in your video? Any suggestions

  8. this is a good spot, however, if you need crystallized fire the best place outside of wintergrasp is in the cave in the north east of storm peaks.

    wailing winds drop tons and respawn fast enough to have 2 people farming the place with no downtime.

  9. To anonymous:

    Those elites disappear when you progress the Hodir/Thorim chain far enough to move the Anvil into town.

    Henceforth, the location only contains seething revenants at that location.

  10. Lowlife2199 said... March 17, 2009 at 4:44 AM

    where does the hodir/thorim chain start?

  11. I have heard a lot about this spot over the past week. Do you think there is going to be an incoming nerf?

  12. Man I'd be shocked if they 'nerfed' it, all they can do is reduce drop rates. The mobs need their respawn timers for the quest there.

  13. they no longer drop gold

  14. I'm pretty sure they never dropped gold. When I say "They drop this much" I'm referring to the value of the times, not necessarily gold itself. Sorry for the confusion.

  15. ah i see lol i thought i remembered these droping gold once when i did the quests must of got them mixed up thanks

  16. hey marcko, about whats the lowest u made in an hour and whats the highest? it can be aproxximate i am just curious =)

  17. Um I think 700 was my lowest in an hour. I didn't really farm that many times though.

  18. well... 1000g / hour here is abit overrated if u ask me, im a fully epic geared surv hunter and can pump em down within 7 secs each.. i have tryed farming em now alone and from what i can see they yield about 100-120g/15 min, wich is 400g/hour and not 1000 :p and 400g dosnt sound of the scale when u say its the best for NON proff. But depends on how lucky u are i guess, i did notice they were been abit greedy on the crys. Fire.. But diffently a place worth farming either gold at or rep with hodir ( while making gold :p ) so i wud also vote this one of the best ways to get ur rep up with hodir since u get enough crystallized fire to sell and buy more relics :) thereby gettin 150% more relics than u looted while farming :) brilliant spot

  19. Just wondering why crystallized fire sells for more seperately than together? Why is it so popular? I'm on a fairly low pop server and am not sure if they'll sell too well. Cheers.

  20. Hello Markco,

    I am going to farm this spot for a while to see how profitable it is.

    Report will be here shortly

  21. After trying this out, I have to say I was a bit disapointed.

    On my server the eternal Fire is only about a 30g item, the Hodir marks go for about 20g per 10, and as an affliction warlock I was literally able to kill them faster then they could respawn.

    After an hour of farming (plus a couple of unfortunate elite giants who got in my way) I pulled in 3 Eternal Fire, 25 Relics, and about 40g in vendor trash.

    that's about 170g for an hour ... Is there something that i'm missing here, because that's a DAMN sight lower then 1000g / hr.

  22. After an hour and 10 minutes at this place, I was able to get this:

    thats 63g of greys, and 10 eternal fires. I'm a frostfire mage who was AoEing them with living bomb now castable on multiple targets it was easy. There was 1 other person with me there. Not quite 1000g, but more than some other people have been reporting.

  23. Is it just my realm but the crystalized fires only sell for 4g on my realm and 50sil for relic of ulduar 175 for a stack of 200

  24. my realm is Jubei'thos Btw

  25. I just sold everything and put pirce up to 9g a piece, ( bad idea or ? or good idea, only spent 200g though)

  26. ahah they are aready back to 4.3g its hard to keep up with the changing market, what do u suggest

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