Sell those soul bags! Patch 3.1 Warlock Changes

EDIT: I was incorrect in this post in so many ways. The maximum count of 32 in the inventory for soul shards means that if you have 32, you can't carry anymore. I misread this as meaning that they now stack to 32!

On a side note, this means that 32 slot soul bags will actually be quite valuable after the patch because they will carry the perfect number of soul shards for warlocks.

So um... yeah do the opposite of what I tell you in this post and thank you for those that commented. I'll leave the original post up for the lawls.
In terms of hunters, they will definately be wanting big bags after the patch, since quivers are likely to be removed from the game and ammo will see some kind of +% speed boost.
Interesting Patch 3.1 Warlock Change from the patch notes:

Soul Shard: This item now has a maximum count of 32 in inventory.

WOW does this make soul bags totally useless, and also makes selling 16 slot bags or higher MUCH more valuable on patch day.

So here's what you should do to prepare for 3.1 regarding the Soul Shard change:

  • 1. Sell all your soul shard bags (avoid flooding) for whatever you can get them for. I suggest selling one per day if you have a few stockpiled.
  • 2. Get the materials for high level bags and stockpile a few. If locks are willing to shell out the money for big soul shard bags then a few will surely buy the expensive normal bags. Take your time and get the mats as cheaply as possible.

On patch day just dump all your bags on the auction house for those initial 1-5 hours of frenzied purchasing. Afterwards, post slowly and watch the market for the following weeks, as not all locks will remove their soul shard bags initially.

Good luck!

10 comments: on "Sell those soul bags! Patch 3.1 Warlock Changes"

  1. How does this make Soul Bags useless? Carrying 32 soul shards maximum doesn't mean they'll stack, so 28 and 32 slot soul bags will still be useful. Personally I rather using soul bags than 18/20 slotters and fill them up.

  2. I think all this means is, if you have 32, you can soul drain and not have to keep destroying the extras.

  3. Not sure if i'm misunderstanding. Why would I drop a 32 slot soul bag for a 20 slot bag with this change? We still have to carry soul shards and the don't stack.

  4. Wow I have to apologize. I thought that maximum size was STACK SIZE.




  5. This doesn't make any sense. I thought that with the new patch, we would be getting rid of quivers, ammo pouches, and soul bags, so that hunters and warlocks would have as much bag space as everyone else. Are you sure you've got your facts right? My GUESS, this is just a guess, since things are constantly changing on the PTR, is that both are true. Shards are likly to stack, but you won't be able to carry more than 32 at one time. This is to keep warlocks from getting 100+ shards in their inventory. -- Side note: I think this is a dead market. Most warlocks will already have a soul bag, and aren't looking to upgrade to something that may soon be obsolete.

  6. I'm as confused as you are anonymous... does anyone have more concrete information on this topic?

  7. As far as I know, right now quivers are going away and soul bags are not.

  8. I'm not sure if quivers are going away, but their haste % is being removed, and instead its being added to hunters Auto-shot. So, I'm ASSUMING that you can still carry a quiver so that you can stack ridiculous amounts of ammo if you wish, but you don't need one anymore just because of the haste bonus it gave.

  9. Thankfully hunters will still need ammunition - even if they're not using quivers.

    I'm trying to buy the ammunition crates that engineers make and unpack them into 10 stacks of 200 - if it works out, it should make around 20-40g profit per crate.

  10. I apologize; I realize that my previous post was unclear. This is based on the PTR, which could obviously change at any time.

    Quivers are *NOT* disappearing. The requirement that every hunter use one or have gimp DPS is going away, though. Jesse is correct that you can still use them as massive ammo bags if you really want to carry enough rounds to last you until the next expansion.

    Personally, I'm going to drop mine for a real bag. I can fit all the ammo I need for an outing in 6-8 slots easily.

    Quivers will be worth a lot less come patch day, so if you have any laying around, try to get them sold ASAP. I'm sure there are many hunters who won't know about this change until they read the patch notes.

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