The Selling Blues

Eragón - Burning Blade (EU) asked me in an email when he should sell his items. This is a great question so here is my long winded answer!

Note: Raid consumables will not follow this strategy at all. They sell best during the week when most guilds raid. Same with some high quality epics and raiding enhancements.

Before I show you the steps to taking advantage of your fellow auctioneers' "selling blues," let me explain why it works.

No no, I don't mean blue quality items. I mean blues as in depression, /cutcut, and overall frustration or sadness.

You see, auctioneers don't like watching their items come back in their mailbox with the dreaded "Auciton Expired," so here's how you take advantage of people who are at the breaking point.

Poor Joe Auctioneer posts his items on Sunday afternoon after farming all weekend (big mistake by the way, buyers are more frequently available friday-saturday. Nothing sells and he has to repost on monday-tuesday. By Wednessday-Thursday his items have not sold up to three times (depending on how long his auctions go for) and he is getting desperate.

Joe Auctioneer needs his epic flyer and those shiny relics or glistenning lichbloom or w/e the heck he farmed up is now costing him money to post! Desperate, he posts the items way too low and in huge quantities, unaware of the fact that in just one days time his auctions will be much more likely to sell. He might even advertise in trade chat to avoid losing any more money.

You, the enterprising auctioneer show no mercy and snatch all of poor Joe's auctions for resale on thursday night (set to 48 hour auction). This in essence, is how you take advantage of the "Selling Blues."

So why does this system of buying/bidding low during the week work so well? Because you're selling goods at normal prices on the weekends! For more information on bidding low (in this case also buying) and selling normal, check out my post here:

Care to give this a try?


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  1. spacedrabbit said... March 23, 2009 at 11:33 AM

    I find doing this is difficult sometimes, because come friday and saturday the market is crazy flooded and everything decreases in price. Its actually during the weekday when prices hit a peak for my server, particularly tuesday-wednesday. I attribute this to the raiding guild that need to buy things.

    Since I primarily work with enchanting materials, I buy them up on the weekends at about 70-80% market price and relist them on tuesday afternoon at 100-105%. I also sit in trade and offer enchants with my materials at 90% market cost. So either way, I make a nice profit.

  2. It's the same for me as for Spacedrabbit.
    When I post my items on the weekend they get undercut pretty fast. Today I'm gonna try to repost them and see what happens.

    Thanks for writing about this, as it's kinda important stuff for any fellow auctioneer.

  3. buying up all the overly low priced stuff and reselling it on the weekend totally works for me - it is how I make all my money (and casual gathering) - other than raiders on Tuesday buying things up

  4. I just transferred to a new server and have just started booking the average price of auctions I usually go for at the end of the day, and calculate the time/gold ratio when I farm and run the auction house.

    I've been on this new server for a month, but only got into making money last Tuesday. From Tuesday to Friday night, I made close to 9k with about 2k in outstanding auctions. I had over 50 auctions up over the weekend, and only maybe 5-10 sold. Today just before posting this, while I was still posting all of my auctions, the previous ones were already being bought.

    The server I transferred to was one of the release servers, and I think has a group of players that don't play as much on the weekend. I find the prices go down roughly 15-20%, only because so many people post so much.

    I have a much easier time selling during the week and farming on the weekend. I've made about 13k gold in just under 6 days so far.

  5. I also find that it's easier for me to move product during the week than the weekend. Perhaps it's because my primary market is in enchanting materials, or maybe it's because the server I'm on is very heavily populated (and populated by raiders). Possibly a combination of the two. However, I find that the auction house is not only flooded on Friday/Saturday but viciously and repeatedly competitive. This eases up considerably during the work week.

  6. Those that avoid selling during the weekend: Are you competing with the prices or posting at normal values? What I do is post my items for what they are worth, even if 20 people have posted at a lower value. Because there are so many buyers, eventually my goods sell.

  7. On my server something like Greater Cosmics will sell for 15-20g eacg tue-thurs and when the weekend comes they will fall to 9-11g each. Also the listings on the AH will easily go up 300% This happens with all the "Trendy" items. I usually spend my weekends posting a few of each item far below market value, waiting to be undercut then buying out cheaper auctions and relisting on Monday night, to catch the raiding/arena teams Tue/Wed.

  8. Although there is more competition, if you post your items at normal prices they will sell during the weekends. Items come and go like crazy but things do sell on a consistent basis. Even if there are 20 items undercutting you.

    Enchanting mats and other raiding materials do not always follow this rule, as most guilds raid during the work week.

  9. i have been following these guides on this website and it seems to be working out in most peoples cases but on the same token I cannot seem to make no more than maybe 100-200g at most per day i do not undestand what i am doing wrong.

  10. Well what are you doing to make gold currently?

  11. Well im doing the whole buying / bidding low selling normal thing, keep in mind i only have 4k gold exactly, but i always get undercut and then only a handful of my stuff sell which result in loss of profit. Also i can never find enough deals through auctioneer to have more than 1k gold in auctions at one time. what should i do? should i invest all my money into the auction house?

  12. Explore buying and selling items that are highly sought and only slightly underpriced.

  13. Ok so i've been trying this method of buy / bidding low and im running into a full complete list and problems which are raising alot of red flags. The first issue is im continually getting undercutted by 15% or more which 9 / 10 times all of my auctions come back to me. The second issue is that im losing more than i am actually profiting. Keep in my i am trading eternals, greater cosmics and other enchating mats. I am on my last 4k gold which is all i have saved for 3.1. at this point 20k gold seems like an unreachable amount of gold for myself :(

  14. When you mean sell normal, do you mean sell at the normal price auctioneer suggest? and what is the difference between the search ui button and using the regular auction house window?

  15. Search UI scans the auction house and places the data on your computer. When you run the various 'searches' within the tool these use the data on your computer and not necessarily what's on the ah at that time.

    This is why you should do a scan before running other searches within auctioneer.

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