Suggestion Box Friday (3/06/09)

Remember, suggestion box friday is YOUR chance to be the blog writer! Anything related to making gold in wow is acceptable here.

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If you had to choose the best post on this site, which would it be? What posts have made you tons of gold? Any posts show you something you'd never known or inspired you to try something new? I'd like to flesh out the parts of this blog that people really enjoy in order to share it with new readers.


Regarding a Pleasant farming spot:

Razor1138 said...
Mobs also drop a gray 100% when mined, a 20 stack sells for 4g50s. Not to mention mining it gives a chance for Cry Earth. Nice spot :)

Regarding Icy Dragon Scales:

Brian said...
I've been buying them for vendor with auctioneer, but not actually vendoring, so I'm going to come out ahead if the market is still crap after patch.

Regarding the Rune Cloth Risk:

Rush said...
Markco, the argent tournament will kick off in 3.1. The Coliseum that we are "questing to build" will not be completed until a later date (Probably the next major content patch 3.2?) according to blues on World of Warcraft forums.


I've received many wonderful submitted gold making ideas this week and as always I will do my best to get as many of them into the blog as possible.

Gold Guide

Thanks to all who bought the guide and I wish you the best of luck with it. From now on however I will not be posting about the guide on this blog and will be focusing 100% of my efforts on providing you all with the best free wotlk information on the web. If you have any questions regarding guide purchases or issues please email me.


Let's flesh out more ideas on the argent tournament, dual specs, and patch 3.1 game changes.
What glyphs will suddenly become must haves? For instance, priest bubbles will now grant warriors rage when hit; will this cause the power word: shield glyph to skyrocket in value? Will any other glyphs benefit from class changes?

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  1. So what do we know about the "Questing to Build" deal? Will it be like the AQ opening, where we turn in mounds of stuff. (God I hope so... Can you say chaCHING!)

    I'm not on the PTR, so if it's readily available info, I've missed it all

  2. I don't think any single tip made me the most money. Because the market changed so much. I did big business with splitting Saronite Bars, now not so much. Raid food has dipped in profit a lot. So I'd have to say "22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly" is probably the most influential to me.

    Why? Because its a perfect example of MULTIPLE ways to use Auctioneer to make money. Diversity is key, and this post help that click for me. Later on I branched out into timing my bids better and adding a Snatch list.

    Crafting is my biggest money maker these days, although which one changes with the market. But if I hadn't started to understand the market using this tip, I don't think I'd be doing so well.

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  4. @ Brian:

    It's going to be more like the Sunwell Island dailies. When you reach a certain number of resources as a server the next part of the tournament/area opens up for more quests and more rewards. The colosseum though will not reach completion until the next content patch.

  5. for me the biggest money makeing post I have read was the post on Relics of Uldar, when it was suggested to buy low in order to set the price that you want to sell the items for, That was the first time I truly understood how to work the market to my advantage. I started working it a week ago and have made 12k off of an initial 250g investment. I would be making more but I have been buying the noble cards in order to get the triket on Tuesday.
    As of right now off of that 250g I have the nobles deck 600 items being auctioned, and 250 bids in along with 1.5k gold on my banker I would say that post changed my wow life.

    Thank you again Markco your awesome

  6. One thing I would love to see is a breakdown of "must have" glyphs for each spec of each class.

    having this list will let you set up a snatch list for glyphs that will almost always sell, and let you know what to look out for when changes come down the pike.

    for instance. I am a dw dps death knight. the cookie cutter spec atm is frost/unholy and due to a very buffed frost tree and a perma-ghoul the "must have" major glyphs are Glyph of the ghoul and Glyph of Icy Touch
    secondary to those (strong but not must haves) are glyph of bone shield, glyph of horn of winter, and glyph of pestulance.

    Death knights are being changed a ton this patch so expect the dw people to be changing many glyphs. Glyph of the Ghoul will always (probably) be strong but the rest is up for grabs.

    Finally, if we had a good list of must have glyphs we could be prepared for dual specs and those second set of glyphs everyone will be buying.

  7. @ anonymous
    What post was that?

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