Suggestion Box Friday (3/13/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Leave Comments and discuss the issues that matter to you!

First off - THANK YOU!

Welcome new readers and thank you to everyone who stuck with this blog for so long. Your comments, emails, and support have made all of this all possible. Just My Two Copper cannot exist without you and that's why I thank you all so very much.


It's been overwhelming at times, as I have been flooded with emails but I love reading them and many includ neat tricks for making gold. I'll do my best to pass them along to all of you via posts and videos! Remember to include what name you'd like me to refer to as the originator of your idea. For those of you who need help with your own blogs/websites I am doing my best to get back to you as well.


Regarding Auction House Viper
Spacedrabbit said...
i've done this recently, due to all of the accumulated stuff I had in my banks. i was really just interested in getting rid of all the stuff and not having to see it back in my mailbox in two days. needless to say i saw a return of ~300g in the first 30 minutes. I didnt price things too much lower than the lowest bid.. maybe 1-2g for cheaper items and 5-10g for more expensive ones. if i knew a particular item sold well, however, i priced it somewhere between the lowest and highest prices.but if i was the only one posting a particular item that sold well, i was sure to tack on an "exclusivity" tax. :)

Darraxus also said...
I have been making some good money while leveling my inscription by looking at what glyphs are going for a nice amount, and how many there are on the market. If there are too many at low prices, I hold them until the others are bought up then post mine. Easily making a few hundred gold a day for like 15 minutes of leveling inscription.

Regarding Old World Essences and more importantly items people like to sell currently

I highly recommend that everyone reads through these excellent comments, and I'd like to thank each poster for their remarks (choice, Beryllos, basehorhonda, Wiggin, Jesse, Phatious and an annonymous poster). I had a ton of fun reading through these so thank you again!

Regarding Freya hording her cloth in sholozar basin:
Mark said...
Impressive find there markco. I stopped by and farmed there for about 30-40 mins. got 80 cloth, countless vendor trash and quite a bit of cash. The only downtime was when I ran outa mana. Thanks for the awesome tip!

Markco's Arena Team
Had a great night and went up to 2064 (+43 points in 13 games) as prot warrior / holy paladin which makes us one of the top teams in the world as far as I can tell with alloraan's team leading at 2413. The best part was... I can actually USE some deadly gear now; aka the shoulders. I'm hoping to make a video near the end of the season to show off how fun this combo is. Hopefully three more items from 10 man naxx and the Tier 7 or 7.5 helm will drop so that I can finish my block set too.


Ulduar is probably coming early April as well as the end of season 5. What items are going to be replaced in terms of gear upgrades? Will there be new gems, new enchants, new leg armor and spellthread? Predictions and analysis coming soon, but I'd like to see what you're all thinking about as well!

I'd like to get you all saving up now for the next patch, but you don't want to be stockpiling Bold Scarlet Rubies to find out that a new epic gem has replaced them! Expect a post on this as we draw closer to the end of S5.

4 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (3/13/09)"

  1. Thanks for the shout. I like reading about all the litte methods people use to make gold even if I wont use all of them myself.

  2. Ashyni of Arathor said... March 13, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    Buy and hold for Darkmoon Faire. I camp an alt right at Lhara's booth, buy everything that has a reasonable margin, and hold for a week to let market pricing return to normal.

    Beware! Some of her prices, especially on jewels, are ABOVE market prices.

  3. Keep some of the lower priced gems. Hopefully they are going up in price.

    There are new JCing recipes being added which uses Forest Emeralds and Sky Sapphires. They also have ones with Scarlet Rubies and Twilight Opals.

    Also, they are finally adding the Shifting Twilight Opal which should increase the prices of those.

  4. Thanks for that link Amorob I have been trying to figure out what to do with my Forest Emeralds and Sky Sapphires.

    I started the frenzyheart grind to revered, which I should have done long ago, in an attempt to have some use for the emeralds, and I have been able to sell a fairly consistent, however also fairly small, stock of the mana regen Sky sapphires for some profit.

    Hopefully these new recipes will be a way to profitably use more of these two gems in particular.

    A new profitable looking recipe for Twilight Opals from daily tokens isn't half bad either :)

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