Suggestion Box Friday (3/20/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer. Anything that pertains to wow is free game so write whatever you wish! Questions about this week's posts? Ideas for new gold making strategies or the blog itself? Leave your thoughts in a comment!


Regarding Some Delicious Cake Andi said...
Oh, and on topic: If you are going to farm the mats for this, visit Westfall. I know there is a lot of Mageroyal there and that was where we farmed Small Eggs for Winter's Veil too.

Wiggin said...
@ Upset, You make a valid concern that, because Markco's readership and notoriety has grown, people will follow exactly what he says, ultimately affecting the Market in an exaggerated and unsustainable fashion.

But just like buying mats for the cake is a potential opportunity, so is selling the mats to the buyers.

If prices rise due to speculation, it is your opportunity to exploit that. You just have to be careful because speculation is a tough game that can swing wildly in any direction. But in general, if speculation drives prices down, if you have the capital to make the investment, you will see a return when that market returns to normal. And thus, when speculation drives prices up, one would want to up drastic under cutters or sell their own stock.

@ Markco - A general tip, but from a player to player standpoint. Maybe I can't help it, but as a Public Relations Major, I always whisper those that recently purchased my goods. It's pretty common to see "A buyer has been found for your auction of X." If I see someone purchased multiple stacks, say Strange Dust, I'll whisper them "Thank you for choosing Wiggin for your Strange Dust needs."

Typically they say thank you, often ask if I have more to sell, or we chat about other auctions because they are AH hunters as well. Regardless, a simple whisper helps someone remember you as potential future customers.

Regarding Borean Man O'War Beryllos said...
I'm with Choice on this, I play a Deathknight tank and while I don't usually eat that much, it is annoying to have to wait so long for Mage food to refill my massive health pool. As long as this stuff is cheap enough (and as I have a cook all I have to do is get the fish themselves) I will keep a stock of these for my own use.

I will have to see how they look in the AH on my server before I decide if I wish to invest in them for money making purposes or not.

As a sidenote this reminds me of something I made money from a while back after wrath launched. I am not sure if this opportunity is still available, but if all the fishers on your server are trying to sell Barrelhead Goby in stacks you may be able to make some cash selling them in singles higher per fish. This fish is used for only one recipe, that doesn't give a food buff. The recipe is yellow from 350-365, and green until 380 so it doesn't really help level cooking. The only use I can see for this fish is getting credit for it for the Northrend cookin achievement.

Come 3.1 this fish might be able to be skipped, but as it is right now everyone who wants to get the cooking Meta has to cook one of these fish.

Regarding Selling Individual Items Instead of Stacks Frithiof said...
This is a really good tip, and it does work quite well. Although some things sell better in full stacks (e.g. Cloths) and some in a carefully considered stack quantity (e.g. your suggestion about selling Spider Silk in stacks of two to correspond with its use in certain recipes).

One profitable market niche I've found in the AH (at least in my server, US-Bonechewer) are the selling of Primals, particularly Fire and Water. I usually buy several stacks of cheap motes on the AH, say for example fire motes which sell for 10-50s a piece. 10 Motes of Fire = 1 Primal Fire, and based on the AH prices, I would basically be paying a minuscule 1-5G for a Primal Fire that would sell for 20-25 Gold EACH! That's a maximum of 24G profit right there, per individual Primal Fire sold - and they sell fairly well. (Occasionally though, some Primal Fires that sells for 10-12 gold pop up in the AH. Simply buy them out and resell for a good profit.)

I find Primal Fires and Waters to be the most profitable, although the others could also turn in a profit, albeit smaller.


Aminoboshi of Anvilmar wrote:

Hi Markco! I just discovered your blog tonight and am very excited to follow it.

My current money making 'thing' is for fishermen of lvl 300-400, aiming for 450.

On my server, no one sells Whitescale Salmon. Therefore, I fish them and charge 6g for one fish and people buy them. My general tip would be to find a fish caught in Azeroth that no one sells on AH, fish em up (and get points to lvl fishing in the process), and sell. For fishermen with higher fishing skills there aren't any annoyance with needing to bother with baits.

Also, I say 'Azeroth fish' because on my server, Northrend fish sell for an average of 2.0-2.5g each and Outland fish sell for an average of 5-50s each (so don't fish in OL even if your skill lets you).

Fishermen, find the fish that no one sells, look them up on El's Angling, and occupy that niche.


I'm not releasing the numbers for the blog this month until next friday but they are... more than double last month already.

When JMTC first started out, it was almost an exclusive club where you could get tips which a relatively small population knew about and thus there wasn't much competition.

With the tremendous increase in new readership, have you noticed a negative impact on your auction house endeavors? Comment and leave your thoughts for everyone to discuss!

For the newer readers I'd like to point them to some helpful links that might be hidden in the mountain of posts contained within the archives. These should help you get your feet wet.

6 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (3/20/09)"

  1. Its a method to this madness. Yes some things have changed do to the popularity of your blog but a good businessman adjusts.

    I am a new reader, as I have only been reading your blog since Feb. But the tips you provide are priceless and I just switch "Game" if I notice a mass movement on my server from yours and the greedy guys (Greedy Goblin) suggestions.

    Example; (I have no prob sharing this because Ive already cleaned up to the tune of 5k in a weeks time) You speak of the release of Season 6 and I see that your suggested mats have increased terribly and not even worth arbitrating. However, what about those leg enchants? I buy the mats way cheaper than actual cost and resell at about 25% of the mats yet still way cheaper than whats offered on the finished product. Cha-Ching! Sidenote; I find that when i offer for a low price someone buys and repost so I feellike a wholeseller.

    This of course wont work for every server but I definitely focused on the enchants enchanters cant do while most of your readers focus on your suggestions. Plus being and enchanter myself I'll cash in on the tips as I do demand some contribution for my time even if its 30 seconds.

    So yes after studying your blog there are a few guys on my server following your advice so your impact is effective, more for readership than our gold hording attempts.

  2. I try to be a little vague and leave room for interpretation in my ideas. This allows for people to get different insight from the blog and not actually compete against each other.

    For instance, if everyone is buying Icy Dragonscales for the patch, perhaps now is a better time to sell than after 3.1!

  3. on the topic of icy dragonscales, last week on my server (moonrunner) they were up over 2g per, and now they've gone back down to what they were at before, which was 1g 25s - 1g 50s


  4. Well there's no demand for them, so prices may rise with speculation but until players understand how many they need and for what craftable gear... you won't see prices remain high for very long regardless.

  5. I enjoy the vagueness. That's what keeps me coming back.

    After power leveling my first toon I missed the games true content so I quested another. All the while not even caring what was happening in the Ah or listening to all the useless chatter that floods the major cities chat on my realm.

    Thanks to you that's changed.

    I strive to become economically savvy. An aspect of the game that creates a third profession - Investor. So not only did I actually enjoy understanding the lore of WOW by leveling my second toon properly but there's a Role Play factor in buying and trading in the AH as well. At least for me.

    So remain vague and I will dig even deeper into your suggestions studying what you say and exploiting the things you don't as to avoid the speculators and the price fluctuation that Morningstar... eh, Just My Two Copper creates.

  6. Oranthal - YOU ARE AWESOME :)

    You get it and you're going to do awesome I'm sure!

    Where are those... ah here we are..


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