Suggestion Box Friday (3/27/09)

Suggestion Box Friday - Feel free to comment on the discussions I offer in this post or on any topic related to making gold in wow. The comments section is just below the ending of this post and you may comment annonymously if you should wish to.


Michael said...
Hi again- I just wanted to update you on my question, since I found a great answer for it today. WarcraftEcon did a post about the glyph business ( ) that mentioned an add-on called Lil' Sparky's Workshop that does exactly what I was looking for =)

Check out this awesome little add-on that makes working through which glyphs are worth selling a breeze, as well as other crafting items.

Moneh of Firetree said...
Hi markco, here is a sweet farming tip for mages at the seething revenants in stormy peaks.

When agro'd after a few seconds they cast a spell called "Seething Flames" that can be spell stolen. This does a few hundred damage to all enemies around you. This is perfect for mass agroing of the elementals, especially when other people are competing.

I just spellsteal the buff, kill it, then mount up on my epic flyer with the buff. Fly around 1-2feet above the ground so they dont reset, and move around the anvil, agroing and marking them all.
You'll piss others off, but get most of the mobs.

Enchanting Tip

Brian said...
GCEs are 9-10 on my server. But LCEs sell regularly for 4.7-5g per. So yeah, I've been enjoying that market for a while.

Casinos in 3.1?

Sherry said...

Hello Markco, I was reading this post and it just occured to me that the idea of a raffle could turn out to be very exciting in patch 3.1.

A new lockbox will be released, only obtainable by fishing, called the Tiny titanium lockbox

that could contain stormjewels, the new wotlk epic gems, and also existing rare gems such as scarlet rubies.

I hope you find this piece of news interesting!

To Sherry: Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

Money from botters?

Kring said...
I have another question. There are the 4 old world dragon pets which are painful to farm. They normally went for about 1900g.In the last few weeks I noticed heavy botting around these areas and the pets started to flood the AH. Yesterday there were about 10 azure pets for 500g each, by two different sellers.I did report 3 bots and the one I put on my friend list did not log on after about a week after reporting it.Clearly, there isn't a market at the moment. Otherwise, the prices would not drop that low.Would you buy them all out and hope that Blizzard bans all bots and then slowly sell them?Will the market recover? The only possible buyer who might be willing to pay more than the current 500g is a pet collector with money. But why wouldn't he buy it now? Will people all of a sudden start to collect pets?Or will these pets lose value because with time it gets easier to get the 75 pet achievement (children week, new 3.1 pets) and you don't need the expensive BoE pets anymore.Can you make money from botters?

To Kring - I've found that the pets do make a decent amount of gold and that on my server I can sell one every four days or so. You can be sure blizzard cracks down hard on these botters and eventually the influx of new welps will die down. If you don't mind waiting it out buy the welps and sell them in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to try selling them on the neutral AH as well as the forums. Pet collectors often check these two places as well as the standard auction house.

The Great Flask Debate

Anonymous said...
The Flasks are getting their duration cut in half . but instead you make double the flasks . If you have 100 flasks right now their times will be cut in half next patch and mean you will be losing a lot of money because they will drop about 50% less price. Also there will be double the flasks to undercut , Meaning more people will be undercutting people and therefor bringing the price down.

Ben said...
It doesn''t seem like blizzard to destroy your existing stock, as this would penalize those two have been preparing. It seems more likely to me that you will have your current stocks doubled (max stack will be increased) or something like that so they retain the same functionality. Do you actually have a link to a post, in blue, saying they will be destroying all the preparations made by alchs for 3.1 over the last few weeks?

The Debate's Over:

Monthly Statistics for JMTC

This month has seen over 200,000 pageviews and JMTC's 100th post. Not to mention three posts covered by wowinsider regarding farming spots and economic analysis of patch 3.1.

Pageviews- 206,000+
Average time on JMTC- 4:00 minutes
Average pageviews per visit- 2.53
New Visitors- 44%

Here's to many more great months and keep your comments/posts/suggestions/emails coming!

You guys/gals rock!

For the Comments section: What is your favorite post on JMTC? Least favorite post?

9 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (3/27/09)"

  1. whats with your 5v5 team name?

  2. I was helping some friends out, I honestly never even looked at the name.

  3. Congratulations! You are doing a great job here, you deserve it!

  4. no worries, .. just curious. you can remove my post if you want.

  5. PLEASE STOP posting about you losing money on your current stock of flasks. IT IS FALSE. Blizz is making your current flasks (through trade ins) into 2 one hour flasks. THERE IS NO LOSS!! Blue post at:

  6. In the post I made a link and stated that the debate was over, because as you stated blizzard has addressed the flask issue.

    Thank you for your reply though, I'm sorry if I was too vague.

  7. hey Markco,

    This blog is impressive. I took inspiration from your recommendation on farming relics of ulduar/crystallized air and found myself another spot for the first...

    I posted on my blog about it, and if it's not old news, feel free to replicate for the world.

    Here's the URL:

    Cheers and keep up the great work. I have a mechano-hog thanks to this page.

  8. The exchange applies only to Northrend flasks, not to BC or classic flasks. I personally use a lot of Flasks of Chromatic Wonder. As a tank, I find the stat and resist bonuses far more effective than anything in Northrend. These flasks will just take the penalty.

    On a positive note, Elixir Mastery will also have their PROCS doubled. So a 5 proc on a flask will grant you 10 total flasks.

  9. Hey marko, btw i know its a little late for the friday posts since its monday, but i just wanted to say that you can make a lot of gold using this:
    The items that this person is mostly DEing is Stonguard bands that a JC can make with 2 eternal earths.
    When you DE it, you get at least 3-5 infinite dusts or 1-2 greater cosmic essences.
    In order for this to work, infinite dusts must sell for at least 5g each and greater cosmic essences must sell for at least 12g each on your server. You also have to buy eternal earths for 6g each. If you do this correctly, you will make a lot of gold. GL with this tip.


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