3.1 Glyph Sales Still Going

I was selling glyphs every fifteen seconds the first two hours of the patch, and it's the most fun I've had in a while on the auction house. Slowly I'd work my way up from warrior to deathknight or vice versa making glyphs and posting them onto the ah right away. During this process (about 45 mins long), a bombardment of yellow text greeted me:

A buyer has been found for your glyph of the XXXXXX
Sorry, if I made that yellow it would be too hard to see, so use your imagination!

Because I was selling every glyph (YES EVERY SINGLE GLYPH), I could see players buying whole sets of glyphs in my chat pane. With hundreds of inks in reserve, it was easy to repost glyphs as they were purchased.

My strategy? If the glyphs were over 20 gold and had good competition, I'd simply post two glyphs at a small undercut. Should there be one or two glyphs completely underpriced (less than 5 gold), it was easy enough to just buy them out and repost for 15-35 gold.

Players were purchasing glyphs so fast that they managed to keep demand beyond the supply, regardless of how many auctioneers were doing the same strategy as myself. A friend of mine, Jhaman, was posting glyphs at the same time as me (going from the opposite end of the profession tab in reverse order compared to me), yet we rarely even saw each others' gliyphs! That's how fast they were being sold.

While everyone else is running around trying to get their specs/glyphs set up, I'm making tons of gold, and it will only get better this weekend.

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  1. The question is when should we sale the icy dragonscales, dragon's eyes, and titansteele bars? PRices seemed pretty constant on my server.

  2. Note that, with the patch, the fishing / cooking / 1st aid book business will die, because the trainers now can trin these ranks.
    However, I sold one on Tuesday, and still can see some in the AH.

  3. Im wondering the same as Doneidan, the only drastic price change in the market on my server is the glyphs.

  4. Glyphs were selling fast yesterday. I am no true scribe, but decided a while ago that patchday 3.1 would be a nice day to start inscription on my young DK who has been buying out herbs cheap herbs in last month.
    I was pretty much:
    Running from trainer, AH, bank, trainer, mailbox, AH, bank, trainer while the glyphs were selling, and my skills were flying.
    Some say it cost money to level a profesion, well not inscription on dual spec patch day.
    Pretty sure on this alt i will have 2k when checking mail this afternoon..
    That said, there wasnt any action at all for my JC, enchanter or tailor..and holding all the shards, titansteel etc, til ulduar patterns get more widespread

  5. Just wondering how are the glyph books on your server? have any been found yet/are you waiting to grab them in the hope of a good discovery?

  6. I wouldn't start selling your item enhancement stuff until after arena season six starts and the widespread upgrades begin.

  7. Can only aggree on this one. Just checked and I mada 23k in the first 24 hours (Europe).

    That was a fun evening, but really difficult to relist all those sold glyphs. :D

    And it goes on today, not quite as fast but nevertheless great.

  8. I had about 500-700 glyphs made before the patch and enough ink to make plenty more.

    I had 2.5 hours of time before our raid on patch day, and I made about 2k. I was listing every glyph without competition for 30g. I was buying out all glyphs in limited supply that were listed at 5g or less, and then listing them at 30g.

    Several glyphs (Astral Recall, Judgment) were being bought as soon as I put them up so I started selling them for 40-60g each.

    I did 24 hour auctions - so when they expired the next day, I undercut on the ones with competition, bought out the ones with a few cheap competitors and then listed them for 30g, and listed the ones with no competition for 30g as well.

    I've probably done 3.5 hours of work since the patch and pulled in 4-5k in total.

  9. I dumped all my saved glyphs that didn't sell previously. I spent 20 minutes making glyphs that looked like they would sell. Spent about 10 minutes the next night. Made 3k. 3k for doing almost nothing. God, if I wasn't so lazy I'd be rich.

  10. Hey I love your site. I mean I really love it and the tips have been awesome.

    But I just want to know... and I was one of those people who bought glyphs at an inflated price because we needed to get into Ulduar quickly and I didnt have time to hunt around, or make a ton of gold myself :(

    what do you do with all your gold. At a cetain point early in my wow career, I realized gold was practically worthless in game. I had no further way to improve my character. I'd gone over some sort of threshold and now I just maintain roughly the same amount (around 40k)

    So, just curious: why do you do it? I know you cant spend the gold on anything, because there's nothing to buy. Although I love having a big cushion - just in case - ooo I dont know something unexpected comes up like 1000g for dual specs - I cant get motivated to actually make any more, because I'd rather be raiding.

  11. @Anonymous - I pretty much am in the same boat. I currently only try to make more gold for the sake of this blog; if I wanted to I could make an easy 4-5k gold per day but I'd rather be pvp'ing or raiding for pvp gear.

    Most of my friends hate how I spend gold... for instance, two weeks ago I bought my brother 10k gold in items/enchants to give him a fighting chance in bg's on his new level 80 priest. I paid for the dual specs for my friends and even bought a few epic mounts or paid the difference. Having gold is fun but what's the point if you don't spend it?

    I'm in the same boat as you in not understanding why people just hoard gold for the sake of having it. Hmmm maybe a good post would be an analysis of why players bother to make hundreds of thousands of gold and not spend it.

  12. Haha thats awesome, thank you. Being able to buy things for your friends is really cool, and a great motivation. I "understand" why people hoard gold and dont spend it - its just greed + covetousness. Pretty common motives that is actually very irrational but what's new there??

    Making lots of gold then using it for good purpose - to enhance the fun of the game for yourself & others, is a really cool thing.

  13. Well, I transferred servers exactly 8 days before the 3.1 patch and boy did I have fun prior. I know you frown upon casinos but, being that I was bored and had only 4k gold left and 6k in items I figured what the hell. I made 16k gold in one day. Several people actually made over
    1k gold off me. With all this gold I found a Scribe to make me all the glyphs I needed (I researched to see which would give me 10g+ profit on my new server and it was over 60 different.) I ordered 50 of each glyph, soon I had around 2-3k glyphs in my overflowing bank. I had 3 32 slot insription bags in my bank and my inventory was full. I tried selling all my glyphs in bulk for about 5k profit but no one was buying, even though I mentioned Dual specs. Whatever I figured, I awaited until Monday night with all my glyphs in hand and NO COMPETITION FOR OVER 24 hours my glyphs were all at my own set price. Alot already were 30g+ but I started uping the price as I had to repost every 30 seconds per glyph. I sold about 900 glyphs in less then 2 hours after the extended maintenance... They are still selling.

  14. I wish I had thought of leveling inscription and selling glyphs :( at least I made my 300g from shards at double price. *sigh*

  15. I am actually making gold to help out my friend and/or have for the new things as dual specc and new mounts but Mainly to play blackjack with my friends ^^
    I know it sounds kinda stupid but when you have a load of 50k gold on you sitting there you just go bet 500-1000g per time , and its fun !We are only 3 people with 10k+ gold(i am speaking of my friend)but we still have fun in saturday nights =]

  16. IDK about anyone else's servers but mine is completely the same. Enchanting mats, glyphs, food, gems all stayed the same no influx or increase and the new epic gems i see(mind you there only 2 or 3 on the AH atm) are going for about 350g apiece. I remember BC epic gems going for over 500g when they came out...

  17. For those wondering what to do with all that extra gold (other than send it to me, of course XD) Become a collector.
    I find collecting stuff in the game is a really fun part of it. I'm slowly building up a closet of random clothes for my bank alt; I am so close to the 75 pet achievement I can taste it, and I'm slowly climbing towards the 100 mount achievement. I'm not a hardcore raider/pvper, but I am a hardcore achievement junkie. Sure, some of these do require time rep farming to gain, but a lot of pre-Wrath factions can be bought to exalted if you have the gold for it.
    My main goal with making gold is to fulfill my achievement dreams!

  18. You know what you do with all that extra cash?

    Spend it on your alts!

  19. @Anon - This are Unique Equiped gems which are not really going to replace the other gems much since each player can use only one. They come from fishing.

    I noticed the same thing on my server. Only thing that increased in prices are glyphs, Pristine Black Diamonds and Black Diamonds.

  20. Lol spending gold on your alts is all well and good, but if you have - idk - 100k gold, you're going to have a very hard time spending that on your alts. Even if you had the max number of alts, you'll have many 1000s of gold left at the end of total pimpage. The amount of gold you have and need is relative: at a certain point, it becomes worthless to you personally, and the only thing to do with is is give it away to make the world (of warcraft) a happier place.

  21. I can't make glyphs, but I managed to stockpile some in preparation. About 4/5ths sold at a healthy profit, the remainder I'm waiting a bit on because prices have stayed very low.

  22. Since people are curious...

    I'm north of 200k gold now. It kind of started as an accident a few months ago. Raiding content was so easy I wasn't bothering to do it much, and I'd already leveled the characters I wanted leveled (had a nice chunk of free time over the holidays). So during the time I used to raid I fell into idly chatting with my friends and doing experiments with the AH to keep myself amused.

    It just built up as a "Well let's see if I can get to..." almost the same way in raiding I'd sometimes wonder if I could hit a particular DPS target.

    I wish I knew what I was going to do with it now that it's here. My friends are being very stubborn so far about not letting me buy them things... one of them needed an epic flier for his 2nd character and wouldn't even let me loan the money even though I'd obviously never miss it :(

    (I don't have Tundra mammoths or anything like that... the craziest I got was buying a snowy gryphon for one character. So there are obviously places the gold could go, but I'm not really into the conspicuous consumption thing.)

  23. I made 12,000 gold between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.
    Stayed awake as long as I could and went to bed with as many glyphs in the AH as possible.
    Haven't even been able to get to my JC alt because I've been too busy with glyphs.
    Now if only I could find a new one.

  24. I made about 4k selling glyphs using up all my ink and herbs ( newly created glyph alt - only made a week ago). My question is where do you guys get the herbs for ink? My AH is insanely priced for herbs (cheapest is 1.5g per gold clover).

    Is farming the only way to go? Or am I missing something.

    Excellent blog - got my epic flying for my DK following you advice!

  25. A while ago, I saw the 3.1 buff to the Undeath deck and told myself that it would most likely double or even triple the current price, so I bought every deck out + one of each cards.

    Then 3.1 hit yesterday and.... nothing. Still the same price. I don't get it. Oh well, bad guesses happen.

    Unrelated: If I were to decide I want to abuse of the 3.1 patch as much as possible, not being a scribe, I would I do it? I assumed mats would go up, but it seems everything stayed the same price, and a lot actually lowered. Only glyphs went up by like 300~1000%.

  26. Hail Markco,

    I'm enjoying your blog for quite some time now.

    Doneidan and all the others who are wondering why materials for all those crafted BoEs aren't skyrocketing need to remember that those patterns need to drop in the first place. Furthermore the rarest component of those patterns, the runic orb, must drop, too. And that six times before anybody could start crafting. So I'll take some time until people really need to care about buying Eternal Shadow, Watter, Icy Dragonskales and such.
    It's just a matter of time, i think.
    If you stockpiled too much Eternal Earth, remember Markcos post regarding the rings crafted out of two Eternal Earth.

    Regarding the Undead Deck: I made quite some money yesterday selling those. The problem is: the change is not even mentioned in the patch notes, afaik. Don't just list them in the auction house, advertise them in trade chat. People need to get aware that this card has been buffed.
    On patch day everybody was busy with dual specs, glyphs, ulduar and such, there were just busy with other stuff. Yesterday I sold five decks for 1200g, one deck for 1500g. I bought them, or the cards, once I read about the change, so each deck cost me about 600g. Do not overprize them, remember it is not the Nobles deck. You will get stuck if you become too greedy.

  27. @Alfonsius: Awesome tip

  28. Went well for me too :) Roughly 10k in profit... it seems that a number of people started leveling inscription to profit from it as well (many glyphs that are learned early were completely flooding the market).

    The differences were ridiculous. Midnight ink glyphs like Thunder Clap stabilized at 117g a pop, and were still being bought out almost instantly. Others that used midnight ink, and were still very popular, stabilized at 10g.

    I saw a few people trying to buy out the lower priced glyphs to repost them, but the market was being updated too often for that to work. All it meant was that you could price 10g below the current level (say, 65g instead of 75g for Glyph of Flame Shock) and these fools would buy them out and fail to sell them.

    I'm pretty surprised though, the ink shortage has certainly hit... but the glyph market hasn't recovered yet. Most glyphs are now in the 10g range, and the market remains flooded.

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