Another Success Story

I love getting emails, pm's in game, etc about people who have succeeded thanks to the blog posts, guide, and/or youtube videos.

This one just really made my day:

Thanks, basically all your free information has helped me so much in farming these past few days that i've gone from 200g 72 noob DK to 76 3kg no noob DK.
Just a big thanks :)


You're very welcome! Thanks for the email.

3 comments: on "Another Success Story"

  1. Will, congratulations.

    I just want to thank Markco for his service with his blog. I started from around 300 gold a month ago and I am up to 17k gold now. His blog inspired me to work with the Auction House and to create my own blog. Thanks for your great blog!

    Bank of Amorob - WoW Gold
    Making Blog

  2. Aw thanks!

    You should email me a guest post or something, maybe detailing some of your methods? I'm sure a lot of readers would be interested in your ideas.

  3. hey your blog is really helpful, I've used it to make a lot of gold, especially off of 3.1 since it came out. Keep up the good work!

    I'm working on my own blog, hopefully one day I'll have as much good stuff as you do!

    WoW Lichking Blog

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