AOE in Dragonblight

Feezee of Baelgun emailed me with this great aoe spot for mages.

Respawn Time: Kill one group and fly to the next, it will have fully respawned by then!

Abilities: A rend like ability that stacks and deals some decent damage. This is your only threat so getting hit as little as possible while grouping them up is important.

Drops: Normal world drops.

3 comments: on "AOE in Dragonblight"

  1. 3.1 is here :D

    Everyone should make a lot of money from selling stockpiled stuff.

  2. Not until after work hehe.

    I haven't been on for a few days myself, looking forward to some new block value gear from Ulduar and to lots of monies from my stockpiles.

  3. I have an other theory for stockpile..
    every1 nowdays does a stockpile.. so you just buy cheap the massive amounts of materials that will be on auction house(due to the fact that not many ppl will craft the first days)and sell them after one or two weeks for double maybe triple on the buyout cost.i will try be in the things while the patch will be on , i might be able to confirm my opinion

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