Auctioneer Suite 5.4

There were tons of changes made to the background processes of auctioneer, but the biggest change for end users was probably the price per stack / per each pricing option.

Go grab auctioneer, and if you are new you may want to check out my 22 steps to using auctioneer. If you're still struggling with auctioneer and making gold in wow, then I highly recommend my gold guide which I will be updating for patch 3.1 this weekend.
You will retain all information from past auctioneer scans with this update, so please do not remove the old auctioneer files before installing, as the new files will simply overwrite the data that needs to be replaced.

Happy Hunting... I mean Auctioneering!

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  1. Hey. I have a question about using Auctioneer: What is the trick to bidding/buying. Like how do you know which you should bid/buy to resell and how much you should pay for it (the stack, item, etc.)
    Also, im having trouble dipping into the many categories of auctions. I'd like to focus on trade goods, but it seems that in order to buy low and sell high, id have to buy out every low priced item. The thing is, im not sure whther or not it is a good idea to do so. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  2. @Thandros: When it comes to knowing when to buyout to resell, sometimes you have to take the leap of faith and hope to get lucky. Also, you also need experience in the market you are looking to penetrate. This is why so many, including Markco recommend focusing on materials that match your profession, you will likely already know what some of those items are worth.

    However, since 3.1 the market has been flooded with certain goods. On my server, I have been buying out silver bars for 1.5g a piece, hoping the price will return to the pre 3.1 price of 3-4g a piece.

    And yes, you sometimes have to buyout every lower priced item, or leave just a few. You can avoid this sometimes by posting your item in different size stacks. But in general, I enjoy buying out all the lower competition, because I don't mind selling my new stock at full/regular price over a longer period of time.

    Just be cautious if you see a lot of sellers continuously undercutting, thats a sign the goods arent selling and sellers are just trying to get something for the item, but when one seller is selling at 30-50% of the next closest competitor, you bet I'm jumping on that.

    @Markco: My auctioneer hasnt been working properly, I cant use the /aadv getall function. I type it into the AH search and nothing happens. If I try to simply type it into the chat plane, I get DCd. This was happening before the patch too.

  3. Auctioneer has been working great since the patch and yes if you have a problem you may need to install the latest version of auctioneer or delete and reinstall. I also like the per item new feature.

    Has anyone noticed a price decline in some items across the board this weekend? Arctic Fur, Greater Eternal Essence, etc? I can understand the drop for old world mats due to the nerfs for twink chants, but I heard that there is a vendor available for arctic furs? Does anyone know if that is true?` A=52(A) has dropped from 50g to 10-20 gold if there is a vendor available I'm going to really take it in the shorts. Any other disenchanters seeing a decline in old world mats? I'm thinking of only scanning 225 and up for a while until this corrects.

    3.1 blues in San Diego

  4. @Anonymous

    I noticed a huge decrease in prices similar to what you're seeing and attribute it to people just liquidating so they can pay for dual-spec and new glyphs. As I've found while working the AH, people are just plain lazy and a lot didn't prepare despite knowing 3.1 was coming really soon. I'm buying up all the great deals I see since at some point the prices will stabilize, and when the ulduar patterns hit all that fur will be really valuable once more.

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  6. JR Bob Dobbs said... April 20, 2009 at 2:19 AM

    I think you mean the fast forward looking button.

  7. Shameless self plug regarding auctioneer.

    This is the one tip you want WoWinsider to pick up on as it will help semi-smart posters avoid market flooding while still maintaining a presence in the AH.

    I need to get back to posting. The blog's been quiet since 3.1 hit.

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