Average Joe's Farming Spot

Just to the west of the Argent Dawn camp where you can do Troll Patrol is an amazing farming spot.

I like to call it: Average Joe's Farming Spot. It's quiet, out of the way, and very safe.

The mobs here chain pull like crazy and are kind of fun to engage. Especially the gargoyles, whom you can prevent from grabbing nearby defenders and tossing them to their doom. I like to taunt them on their way up so they have to fly back down and release the defender. It's kind of fun actually :)

Drops are cloth, grays, and world greens (with the occasional scroll or potion as well). If you are leveling, I highly suggest farming here for some easy xp and nice gold.


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  1. Nice, might farm this spot for some greens :)
    btw, which addon are you using that shows when one of your ability gets off global cool down? And does it pop/show the ability name for example if revenge or sword and board procs?

    Thx ^^

  2. Mik's scrolling combat text I think. Glad you like the spot :D

    I really enjoyed it because it's kind of dynamic with the battle going on all around you. Probably the only entertaining farming spot in the game!

  3. Markco, thanks for the suggestion. I will be leveling my alts soon (After 3.1 comes out so they can have dual specs) and this will be helpful.

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  4. Ehh, I tried that spot a while ago. I found it to not be worth the time.

    But on the upside, I did find a great place to farm netherweave. The etheriums around manaforge ultris. The drop 1-4 cloths about 50-75% of the time. They have like 6k hp, so they go down fast.

    The main draw to farming them however, is that they drop Major Defense to Bracer (+12def), which (I believe I saw on Wow Econ) may be a good source of gold since DK's have trouble getting the def cap when they first hit 80.

  5. hi ty for the awesome blog you are running!
    But I got a question. I am now a herb and a skinner, will skinning be good in 3.1? know the icy dragonscales will make a good profit, anything else?

  6. Artic furs are going to be huge! It takes four of them to build some of the new LW patterns :)

  7. ty for the fast answer,
    But only Arctic fur and icy dragonscales? nothing like, in Vanilla skinning was needed to skin Onyxia and the dogs in MC, something usefull like that.
    If not I am gonna go jewelcrafting
    and get the uberself gems

  8. Rugged leather sells pretty well, as well as knotthide, but I have limited experience in these markets.

  9. What are the top 10 twink weapons (margin and/or volume) that you all buy off the AH and resell?

  10. er...not just weapons...any gear for twinks really...

  11. It's probably not wise to invest in twink items at the moment. They lose leg armor, librams, 100 health to chest, and BOA shoulder enchants once 3.1 comes out.

  12. Nice spot. Not the best I would say, but mobs are at the right distance, they keep coming at the right pace, it's a relaxed place. On another note, I'll give you another idea. I started to grind the Spporregar reputation. I was bored, you know. So I decided to buy the mats for the rep turn in from the AH. Sooo...Sanguine Hibiscus was selling in stacks of 5 for 25-30g. Whoa (?!). So I took a trip to normal Underborg. The whole run took me 30 min (protection paladin), got 40 sanguine hibiscus (you also pick the ones from the ground), 6 Primal life, stacks of junk selling for 2g each, 3 Greater Planar Essence from disenchanting some greens, some arcane dust, shards from the blue items from the bosses, cloth, 15 unidentified plant parts and so on. 30 min. You do the math.

  13. I know is off topic but one of the well kept secrets of making gold, just got hot fixed. Just read it on mmo-champion. Legplates of Conquest, bop blacksmithing crafted item (armorsmith spec only). So you needed to be a blacksmith-armorsmith and an enchanter the same time. Mats needed 3xSaronite Bar and 2xCrystallized Earth. That's an average of 6.77g cost on my server. The legplates sell for 9.61g to the vendor. Also it can be disenchanted into 1xDream Shard. The Dream Shards sell for an average of 12-15g each on the AH. This has been fixed now. Few other still remain.

  14. Thanks for the info Archangel

  15. By "this has been fixed now" he means that you can no longer vendor them for a profit. They vendor for below 2 gold each. I believe that you can still disenchant them for gold, though.

  16. The Legplates sell for vendor for little above 1g after the hotfix. And they now disenchant into Small Dream Shard instead of a Dream Shard. So, no, you can't disenchant these for profit anymore. It would result in an average of 20g worth Dream Shard.

  17. Hey Marcko! I am a big fan of your work. You are a genius, man! Hey I wanted to send this by email, but my hotmail account won't allow me to send you an email for some reason. I wanted to ask if you could check out my new blogsite


    Tell me if you like it please, I want this to get a little more popular, so I am not writing blogs just so I record my own thoughts for myself lol.

    P.S. Very nice and useful farming spot =) good grinding experience and a pretty good money making spot.

  18. I'll be happy to give it a look :D

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