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Hey Markco,

Just wanted to tell you another gold tip. With patch 3.1 the JC pattern Citrine Ring Of Rapid Healing no longer requires 2 elemental water, this means that this item will level your JC from 180 to 210. At the moment the citrine are 5g each on my server, but no doubt they will skyrocket since other recipes will be expensive compared to this. This recipe will give you atleast 30 skill-levels before it goes yellow, its pretty good. Currently Mithril ore goes for 20g a stack on my server, if I prospect this I usually get back 30-40g in gems. Prospecting mithril also gives aquamarine and star rubys - which are needed in alot of JC patterns too. This tip can both make you money or save it if you're levelling JC aswell.

Good luck reselling and keep up the good work on your blog,

Ryosh, Draenor-EU server

Tip speaks for itself, nice job Ryosh. I would recommend the hinterlands for farming mithril ore, as well as the auction house.

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  1. Hello all

    This is a great tip, thought about it last night so I sent all my unused ore to my enchanter and hopefully will make some coin form it.

    Onto another point. The the author of this blog.
    Thank you for all the tips.
    I got a blog up as well, as a first time wow player (Level 42 Mage and Level 1 Banker) I made a goal to have 1000G asap and in less than a month in between some serious questing, instances and battlegrounds I hit that goal this morning with 1100G and +-1000 (+) G in the AH with a guild bank tab and full bags on both toons.

    Thanx again, big respect!

  2. Mithril Ore/Bars have always sold for 20g a stack or thereabouts on my server. Pretty much a safe bet for making cash I totally agree.

    Hinterlands & Tanaris yield a nice amount.

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