Changes in Patch 3.1 - Smoking Heart of the Mountain

Smoking Heart of the Mountain

This trinket looks like a great dk leveling trinket, here are the mats:

Requires Essence of Fire (3), Small Brilliant Shard (3)

Guess what mats I suggest to stock up on?

So why has this trinket's stats been adjusted? Many lower level crafted items such as trinkets, armor, enchants, and weapons are having their stats adjusted to make them more valuable to a leveling character in patch 3.1. Obviously any items that share positions with account bound purchases will not sell as well as the other slots, but you should take a look through your profession tabs to see if any items have become best in slot for twinks or just useful for leveling in general.

UPDATE: Check here for more info on your particular profession and mat changes.

Here's an item I think will be very popular with twinks:
Spidersilk Drape

14 comments: on "Changes in Patch 3.1 - Smoking Heart of the Mountain"

  1. I don't agree

    The trinket is BOP. Very few DKs will level up enchanting early. Most DKs who want to be Enchanters will hit 80 first then power-level it.

  2. I guess I'm unique in leveling my dk's professions as soon as he turned 58 :( ? Either way, if you get anything from this post it's that many items are having their stats readjusted to make them appealing to leveling characters.

  3. I agree with Markco.

    Leveling professions while leveling is a good idea - esp when you can make money doing it. By waiting to level Enchanting you miss out on tons of enchanting mats from all the quest rewards.

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  4. Stabs comment was not, that it is not smart. Stabs comment was, that most people don't do it.

    We can't sell what's good for them, we can only sell what they buy.

    It would actually be a great trinket for other melees, too.

    Are you trying to farm and sell the schematic?

  5. I think you also need to see the big picture with "changes in patch 3.1": the changes to the reagents needed to craft useful leveling items like Smoking Heart. Blizzard is removing a plethora of reagents from old world items/enchants, reagents that are currently, for some players, a decent amount of income : Greater Eternal Essence, Elemental Water, Hearth of Fire, Heavy Leather, Rugged Leather, Guardian Stone, strange items like Wicked Claw, Ironfeathers and the list may continue. Second, they are reducing the mats needed for many old items/enchants: mageweave and runecloth bolts require 4 cloth instead of 5, thorium ore, dust essences, everything is less.
    So while Blizzard is aiming to help all the (leveling) players, not to waste time chasing these elusive or long time to get materials, I’m sure they will hit a good number of niche markets too.

  6. Hey Archangel, you wouldn't by chance have a list/link to some of the items that will be getting their mats changed would you? I'm not sure if such a list/link exists but if it does, that would be a huge help.

    I've been working in the Strange/Soul Dust markets recently, as on Mon-Thurs I can usually pick up stacks at 50% of their value or less, and then resell most of the stock on Fri-Sun. But if there is strong chance lower items will have their mats reduced, I would likely want to get out of this market.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. MMOChampion has a full list of all the changes being applied to the professions, mat wise, in one convenient spot.

  8. Added a link, thanks Grinch

  9. Twinking will become no more in 3.1 So if your thinking, this will be a great item for twinks etc.. think again. Twinking finally got killed.

  10. Hey Marco, I hate to nitpick but this recipe also requires a Blood of the Mountain (

    I recently made one for my pally, it's a nice little trinket but also a reward as it's a bit of a saga to make. (It can only be forged in the Dark Iron forge in Blackrock).

    And I bought all of the mats and the enchanting recipe for it as soon as I found out it existed, it took me about a week of watching the Ah before the recipe appeared.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.
  12. My apologies Marco, I did not read the link in your post before commenting :p.

    Well, I guess I am happy that this trinket will be getting better, but I'm also a little disppointed that it is now going to be so easy to produce. I think that the fact you had to go into BRD to forge this made it fell a bit more special then what it stats give to it.

  13. Andrew! are you talking about enchanting lvl requirements? or xp in BGs which is still not going to be out for ages

  14. I was refering to the change in enchanting lvl requirments.

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