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Potions are selling extraordinarily well for me. I don't mean flasks, I mean gold ol' Runic Healing and Mana potions. Obviously this is due to ulduar's challenging nature but who am I to complain.

I rarely ever stockpiled these items so I decided to start yesterday. Probably made 20 gold per stack selling the potions (that's after deducting the cost of mats) and I see the prices only going up. This weekend I'll be sure to snipe any underpriced ones and relist them on tuesday night for raids.

My potions all sold within an hour's time late at night while I was raiding. That just tells me that people were getting ready to raid and grabbing pots off the ah.

If you are an alchemist and aren't buying the mats to make these potions and selling them... what are you waiting for?

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  1. As an eng this is one of my main ways of making gold. Buy up cheap pots and convert them suing the potion injectors, a stack of twenty sells for over a hundred gold. And they sell really quick.

  2. Twenty gold a stack?

    Even subtracting materials cost that's cheap compared to my server.

    I can sell a runic mana for ten gold, just a single one, and a runic health for seven.

    It's how I started making gold after I (finally) got an Auctioneer style program. I'd just been vendoring them up until then, until I moused over one in my bag and saw how much I could sell it for.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  3. Oh man, never vendor white items, at least not before you know how much they could fetch at the AH! That's one of the basic rules of making goldz :)

  4. Pots have been selling well on my server also. Is it worth to switch from elixir to a potion master to take advantage of this?

  5. You should take a look at what potions and elixirs are selling well. If health potions (and especially mana potions) are doing good, then flasks should be good too. Lil' Sparky's workshop (no relation) does a great job on helping you determine which production items are sold at a profit.


  6. Was just wandering, Is Marco working on the insane in the membrane achievement?

  7. I'm just focusing on pvp achievements, though this would be pretty nuts. I finished battlemaster, of the horde, and flawless victor.

    Working on arena master next :D

    Have the 2's part done (if it carries over from last season) and I'm working on finding a good 3's prot team. I'm leaning towards druid/war/pally.

  8. I thought u might be working on it merely because u said u had ran out of things to spend gold on and buying the 2-3k boxes, pristine black diamonds, and darkmoon decks would be a huge money sink.

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