EoV Bracers and Ulduar 3.1 Patch Notes

Medivhgold had this to say about EoV bracers and changes that will come with ulduar:

I just found several shocking statements by the blues regarding EoVs on the blue tracker

You can read the blue tracker here and here
You might have to scroll down a bit

Certain key points can be derived

-Ulduar10 drops different colored EoVs
-Nothing besides relics/totems/idol/sigils will be added to the EoV vendor
-Blizzard doesn't "want piling up a bunch of emblems now to give a big advantage when a patch launches where someone buys a set of gear from the beginning."
-Which means, you won't be able to buy Tier8 tokens with EoV if things remain as they are until patch day!

What does this mean for you?

Sell your EoV bracers! Now! Yesterday!
Sell them while they still fetch anywhere from 1k to 3k!!!

Well that is, it depends on whether you still have any use for Emblems of Valor before Ulduar hits. So before I begin making premature decisions, here are still some last few things (besides selling the bracers) one could buy with it:
1) Off-spec Gear
2) PvP Gear
3) Tier tokens and remaining items for mainspec Gear

Why shouldn't one start liquidating their EoV stock?
1) You plan to change your spec immediately, or when ulduar comes out.
2) You've been pvping, and you just need that one or two more set pieces to get the bonus
3) You've only started raiding recently, or you've been really unlucky, and you really need that gear upgrade.
For those reasons, you might indeed make a better investment in gear upgrades than in liquidating your stock.

If you don't belong in the above categories, or unsure of where you are, you might then want to consider the following.
1) If you have an offspec, but you don't think you'll be using it for serious raiding anytime soon. Go ahead and sell your 60 badges, ulduar 10 and 25 will be dropping plenty of gear, and both versions will drop gear that are half a tier to a tier better than whatever offspec gear you can get from the vendor now.
2) If you're more pvp oriented, or you intend to start soon, just sell. Arena season has ended for now, although you can still earn and spend points for another week or so. (Do correct me! I have not really been keeping up with season 5) The new ulduar 10 badges can still be used for hateful gear. But more importantly, Ulduar 25 conquest badges can purchase Deadly gear. If you have yet to start pvping intensively, wait for ulduar, sell your badges now while they still fetch a pretty price.
3) If you have gear upgrades from the vendor still, but they are more of sidegrades to minor upgrades. Just go and sell your bracers, Ulduar is a few weeks away, and most of what you have now will be upgraded the raid you attend right after patch drops.

And if you're hesitating, here's why you should start selling now
a) There will be no further use for your emblems, you cannot buy tier 8 with it, so there is no point in saving it up to get instant upgrades the day 3.1 hits live.
b) The only way to liquidate EoV pre and post patch as a result, will be to buy these BoE bracers and sell. However, there will be a huge difference in the price they can fetch pre and post patch. Currently, the ilvl 213 Bind on Equip wrist gear are decent to best possible gear slots for a great many classes and specs, and are pretty much the BEST bind on equip bracers any class can get. BUT, once 3.1 hits, and the huge horde masses towards ulduar, you'll soon see ilvl 219 bracers hitting the auction house. That is because half the wrist slot drops in 10 man ulduar will be bind on equip, like this and this and this and this. I think you get my point!
The demand for the old ilvl 213 bracers will definitely tank(of the submarine type, not the soak damage kind).

Ultimately, you must make the right decision for yourself.
As for me, you'll find me in trade channel broadcasting "WTS 60 eov bracer, pst"

The only thing I have to add is that these bracers will also make great gear for your fresh 80 alts. Should the price of these bracers drop so low that abyss crystals are more valuable, I think you'll all know just what to do!

4 comments: on "EoV Bracers and Ulduar 3.1 Patch Notes"

  1. If your like me and am good at making gold, and have been for some time, there's no real need to liquidate your stock. I prefer to save up just in case I roll another alt and want to drop some of the BoA gear on them. If you work the AH well they're quickly becomes a point where there's just nothing left to actually buy and its the time investment things, like badges, that are what you need to save. While leveling an alt it quickly gets annoying buying new gear every couple of levels, but having enough badges to get multiple trinkets, weapons, possibly a range weapon too, and shoulders makes the leveling process much smoother.

  2. Don't forget Valor can be traded down to Heroism, and then people can buy gems or frozen orbs. I highly doubt most servers will ever reach a point where 6 frozen orbs or scarlet rubies are worth less than 1 abyss crystal.

  3. The main reason you might want to do this is because the bracers sell for 2-3k now, and instead of saving your emblems for just in case - you can just buy the better bracers or even the EoV bracers for less once Ulduar is on farm.

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  4. Well, seeing patch 3.1 is coming this week, I am happy that I managed to sell another 2 bracers last week, both for the normal 1k g (that is on Alliance side of EU-Silvermoon).

    Shame I still have quite a few EoV left, but guess I'll just wait and see what can be done with those.

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