Essence of Undeath Farming Spot

You mentioned the old essences selling pretty well, undeath being one of the big ones (8g 45s a piece on emerald dream). Well Zul'Mashar in the upper north east of the Eastern Plague lands is a snap for that stuff. There are several graves in from of the pyramid that spawn undead Infected Mossflayers around level 55-57. Clearing the whole group can net you as much as 5-6 of them. The spawn rate is super fast as well.

Sorry if you got this one already, just got to your site and loving the info!

Ettis, Emerald Dream

Excellent Email! Thanks Ettis, I had forgotten about this spot completely. Note that this location also yields a decent amount of runecloth. The greens can disenchant into some great money makers as well.

Note: By stepping on graves you will cause more to spawn, making aoeing the whole group fairly easy and you can 'choose' how many you want to kill at a time by not stepping on all of them.

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  1. Remember that the mobs in the graves has a stun, and pulling too many at once can give you a fast trip to the graveyard. Stunlocking mobs aint fun

  2. Meh, I prefer running Strat. It may not drop as many, (I have no idea) but it's one of the best sources of runecloth in-game, and theres always that chance to drop the mount!

  3. Terrible price on Onyxia (Markco's server!)

  4. Yeah on my server stratholme is being heavily farmed and so there are way too many essences floating around.

  5. Great tip by Ettis, essences go around ~20g on my server, so it is worth to farm, just want to add that essence of water are on same price as undeath, so EPL 66,30 or 47,45 are good farm spots too

  6. this is a great farming spot for my 61 paladin. :) ive got 4 essences in 10 mins plus a lot of runecloth

  7. Pretty horrible area. I've killed all of them six times over and only have gotten two so far.

  8. wow im 80 dk and needed 10 of these to get my JC up to 290 ran up there opened every grave aoed em down 5 essence of undeath on 1st lot

    2nd respawn i got 2 3rd respawn i got 4

    11 essesnces in less than 15 mins the AH on my server are selling them for 30g a pop when im dont grinding JC thats gonna be my new gold mine :)

  9. I just found an awsum place to farm. Its in the very top right of silithus, ur farming essence of earth which on my server sell for 13g each. aswell as elemental earth and core of earth, while ur waiting u can farm the whirlwind guys for elemental airs. I tried a couple of times and my best one was i made 290 in 21 mins. Check it out if u want.

  10. Don't know what you guys are smoking but I just ran through ALL of this area and didn't get ONE stinking Essence of Undeath.

  11. @Paul-- That's because the zone's level dropped in Cataclysm. The trolls are now in the 30s instead of the 50s.

    Are there any good farming spots, these days? The undead dungeons are too low level now to have many.

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