How to Win Bids in World of Warcraft - Auction House Strategy

Take it from Gammon, this really works!

See how to win your bids gauranteed, even if it's an item of tremendous value on the auction house.

Become a world of warcraft auction house pro with this tip!

17 comments: on "How to Win Bids in World of Warcraft - Auction House Strategy"

  1. Nice April Fool's joke. It had me laughing hard!

  2. now it makes sense

  3. Good stuff! :-D

  4. :) Nice one

  5. Can someone break down what's going on? It looks funny but not too knowledgeable about priest skills and I can't see what's being cast in the video even in HQ.

  6. When the Auctioneers get knocked back it will cancel whatever everyone was doing. Have had this happen when a Horde player killed an alliance auctioneer.

  7. What spell is the priest casting on the Tauren for him to be able to knock back the auctioneers?

  8. Great Tip, Marco! I'm having problems kiting him to my AH, though. I've made it to the Zepplins, to STV and almost to Stormwind, but Hogger intercepts us each time.


  9. Lol :D

    I need to try this with my Horde priest before they disable it!

  10. very nice, i have made tons of gold using this method already!

  11. seems a little pointless when you can buy/bid on stuff in all the starting cities...bad spalling FTW

  12. LOL :)

    Wonder how many people are going to comment without watching it like the 2 anons above.

  13. For the anon's who don't understand: The priest is casting Mind Control on the tauren in the inn who is flagged as attackable. Then he's taking the tauren over to the auctioneers and using his knockback ability on them.

  14. A word of thought: Really doing this can and propably will be reported as terrain harrassment since you're effectively blocking their access to a NPC / Service / doodad. You'd propably get 3h ban for it if you went on long enough to have someone get annoyed at it ^^

    ^ long time reader, no commenter

  15. Whether or not this works, I'm still gonna try it tonight because it just looks like so much fun!

  16. April fools, in case anyone hadn't figured it out yet!

  17. This is why my banker is in Silvermoon. No mammoths blocking the mailbox, no guildcharters popped up in my face without asking and so on.

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