Hunter Ammunition - How to turn a profit

Hi Markco.

I just wanted to forward a little tip to you regarding hunters ammunition.

The Saronite Arrow Maker and Ultrasafe Bullet Machine doesn't currently show up under the Ammunition tab in the Auction House, and it seems that a lot of hunters are blissfully unaware that they even exist. I'm using this to my advantage of course!

These crates go for around 60-80g on my server, while a stack of arrows/bullets, which does show up in the correct tab, is easily sold for 10g. There's 10 stacks in each crate, so we're looking at 20-40g profit for rightclicking 10 times and I can easily sell 5-6 crates worth a day.


Great tip skrooge! Thanks for sharing.

Enterprising auctioneers should also try breaking up popular elements such as eternal fire into crystallized fire and selling it that way.

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  1. Hey Marcko.

    Check out if you don't have it already. It uses auctioneer data to calculate your inventory etc so you can see how much gold you really have :)

  2. Lucky Skrooge.

    Either he plays on a server with a lot of people who don't pay attention or my server just has a lot of smart people because on my server the price of a stack of ammo is roughly 10% of the price of the arrow maker or bullet maker.

  3. ey marco

    Tbh the amonition markets its accually a rough one. Im a lvl 450 engenerer myself and on my server ppl accually sells the arrows almost cheaper than what it costs to make them, wich is 15 saronite bars for 10 stacks (1 stack - 200 arrows). Now on my server 200 arrows will go for as low as 3g, witch makes 10 stacks for a total of around 30g. 20 saronite bars will cost about 35g on my server. The mammuth bullets are a bit cheaper to make though and might give u some decent profit if u post them before a bussy raid evening=)

    At the same time a want to recomend the market of old elements, the "mote" serie that is. Especially Mote of Air wich on my server is ultra rare. I just bought all mote of air that was out on ah, about 6-9. Usually theres not more than 1-3 out. Now, i bought these for a couple of gold each. and within a couple of hours i'd sold them for 25g each! They r used for low lvls enchantment and r needed for many twinkenchants. The market is easy to control because there will rarely be many up on ah at once, with exeption of mote of earth. Now, this is the situation on my server, and we all know that the market looks different depending on server. Anyhow, its all prob ooold news, but im kinda new to the ah farming thingy^^ //slacker

  4. EDIT: I want to correct a error on my post. Ofc im talking bout "PRIMALS" NOT "MOTES"... Primal air and etc. =)... its late, i wasnt thinking straight =)...

  5. yep not sure whats going on with that server but the bullets sell for under 5g each and the crates are always 50g. the arrows dont even sell at 4g50 according to a friend. maybe my server needs to know about these arrows through trade spam ;)

  6. Think I've read this before somewhere on this blog? or maybe it was another one.(and yeah it works sweet)
    @ Anon: on my market primal air is the only primal/eternal still selling for 40-50 and it sells well :)

  7. How is this going to change after the patch, where hunter's no longer use ammunition? the same is on my realm as a few people have posted above - the arrow makers move but not individual stacks of ammo.

  8. Ammo isn't going away just yet, but pouches will be.

  9. Thanks for the tip. I have tried this a few times - it does not work well on my server due to the large amount of competition in the market. I will have to keep my eye out for it though.

    Bank of Amorob Blog

  10. DUDE! You should TOTALLY make a post suggesting your favorite mods!

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