Level 1 Whisper

If you are reading from a feed and looking for today's actual post, it's about a rare twink throwing weapon.

Last night I read yet another whisper and in turn another success story. Mike (can't believe this name wasn't taken on my server) whispered me to describe his success with 20kleveling. In just 24 hours Mike made 200 gold on the auction house, and from what I gathered from our conversation he isn't even level 80 yet. In 48 hours he made 600 gold total with relatively no effort on his part (besides reading the gold guide). I'm really happy for Mike and excited because he hasn't even finished reading all of the chapters yet! Can't wait until he sees chapter 7 :)

Thanks for the whisper Mike!

If you have your own story to tell, whether with the guide or not, please don't hesitate to email me. Don't forget about the gold contest guys and girls, it's your chance to make a cool video for all to see!

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  1. With all the fluctuations and market shifts, how does a printed, bound publication stay current?

  2. In response to the Anonymous above me, it stays current by teaching you how to find good markets to control and profit from, basic AH strategy that works on every server to some degree, and advanced AH strategies.

    I believe the point of the blog is to show farming spots and hot items/patch speculation, which changes over time, while the guides information remains useful no matter what patch.

    For myself, using the guide has been pretty good, but the idea that your income increases exponentially doesn't seem to work for me. I regularly invest everything I've got into white and some green/blue trade items auctioneer tells me are good for resale (although i still need to use myself as kind of a filter, to check if its not just "plain letter" that im buying which will resell for a million more gold.

    On weeks where I use it regularly, just from the AH, i pull in about 500-600g.

  3. Well Sean did a hell of a job explaining how it works; I don't have much more to add!

    One thing I'd like to point out is that once you get really good at the AH you can take chapter seven and start to manage markets... with no one knowing that you're doing it!

    Making 500-600 gold is nothing to sneeze at when he's doing it with little time/effort. Congrats!

  4. And when you buy that mechano-hog and traveler's mammoth, you can go onto Chapter 13. :)

  5. I believe there are many "Secret" in the World of Warcraft that didn't change much for profiting. But one hardly knows most of them. (I never read Markco's book, so I am not able to do some "inside talk" here, but I sure it's interesting, and what I learnt myself is included there too)

    For instance,some products will continued with demand, while not many player notice it. e.g. the twink market Markco just mentioned, Bronze Tube for quest in Alliance's Duskwood.

    While others will shell it cheaply on AH (as a leveling by-product), nearly every low level will buy one when the get there.

    These information is very profitable, and goes true for near all the server, and not actually fluctuate a lot.

  6. @anonymous... I laughed so hard, you have no idea!

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