Putting it all into Perspective

EDIT: Ironically on the day of this post GreedyGoblin blogger Gevlon has called it quits (sort of) on his blog. He reached the gold cap on his main and sees no reason to continue collecting/blogging. See possibly his final post here. He apparently has 'won' in his mind, and I think that's an appropriate example to bring up for this post. Congrats to Gevlon.

Rule #1 of blog posting, never put the word 'it' into your post title, it's misleading (pun intended).
I'd like to take a day to put this time sink we call warcraft into perspective and possibly enlighten a few players of the nature of this massively multiplayer game. The reason wow is so successful can be summed up by conversing with players currently engrossed in the game.

The discussion would usually go as follows:

Outsider: "You play wow?"

Player: "Yeah, great way to use up my free time."

Outsider: "Are you good?"

Player: "Oh yeah, really good actually."

Outsider: "Oh nice, I heard a lot about that game and how it takes forever to get good at it."

Player: "Actually, I have awesome gear and it didn't take long at all. I have mostly epics, which are the best items in the game and just have a few more things left to get. I'm really good at killing other players and love stomping the noobs."

Outsider: "Noobs?"

Player: "Yeah, the other players that suck at the game. Everytime I kill someone I laugh at their noobness."

Outsider: "Oh, so you're really high ranked for, oh what's it called..."

Player: "Arenas? Oh I don't really try at those but still have a 1600 rating and my teammate is kind of garbage."

If you haven't noticed, a mediocre, probably decent player has just talked about how amazing he is at wow. Now I'm not going to go into who's good or who's bad as it doesn't matter. All that matters is having fun with friends and enjoying the game, whether you like winning or not.

The amazing part about wow is that you get to define your own definition of success! You don't have to even succeed according to other players to consider yourself a winner or even the best.

Just look at me. When people ask if I consider myself a good player I make my own excuses/stories. I'll say something like: "Well I'm the #2 ranked prot warrior in the world, have battlemaster and of the horde, but I don't really try at pve so I haven't finished 3 drakes yet and only recently downed razorscale in 25 man ulduar." See? I focus on what I put up as my definition of success: arenas and pvp prowress. A hardcore pve'er would look at me and laugh, calling me a noob.

Anyways, just my two coppers. For some laughs, check this out.

For zee comments:

What's your definition of success in this game, and have you reached it? Do you even care about the end result and choose to focus rather on the journey?

8 comments: on "Putting it all into Perspective"

  1. Back in BC, I was a pretty active arena player. I played a resto druid and enjoyed it for every second.
    I was struggling with my fellow warrior friend up the ratings, but we kind of stuck at 1800ish rating. He got bored of arena so I had to find another partner.
    Found a rogue and BOOM, 2000 rating. Nothing spectacular really, but after all the struggling with the warrior, I just felt so satisfied and happy with myself. I bought my shoulders and logged out.
    I was done with the game. I had achieved the full Vengeful Gladiator set and didn't feel for playing anymore.

    My goal back then was 2000 rating. Today, I'm not quite sure. I started playing again about 3 months ago, but haven't set up my mind on another goal. But I found earning gold really fun, which is keeping me playing WoW, alot thanks to you.

  2. I set my goal based on the expansion.

    When BC came out, I had one sixty, and he was in blues from LBRS and had only been to UBRS once.

    When Wrath came out, I had two seventies, one in full Kara epics, the other just starting out.

    It's several months into Wrath now and I have two eighties, one of which is in almost full epics (Naxx 25), and the other has the gun from non-heroic KT.

    My goal before the next expansion (if there is one) is to have four eighties, and at least one of them geared fully from Heroic Ulduar.

    For me, success is a matter of doing better than I did the previous expansion. If I surpass even those goals, all the better.

    Of course, as a roleplayer, I plan to do it in character all the way.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  3. When ones reach their goak or milestone, they may confuse for a while.

    It takes time to plan again what to do next.

    My game goal changed from time to time, leveling, pve, pet collecting, gold making (recently)
    I believe no matter what goal you have, one can learn a lot on the journey if you keep your eye open.

    May be for Gevlon this part of journey had ended. I'll miss him if he depart though....

  4. Hey Markco, i know this isnt the right place to post this, but i dont know where else to put it.
    soo ill just tell you here.

    I think i found a bug in auctioneer.

    saronite bomb's vendor price is way off, it says they sell 4g50s for a stack of 20. When really they only sell for 50s a stack of 20. just wanted to let people know so they dont make the same mistake as me.

  5. This goes right up there with fel scales, great catch Noochie!

  6. Hi Markco, this might not be the best place to ask but, would it be possible to get your armory link? I'm really interested in trying arena as prot warrior as i find it way more fun than arms.
    thx :-)

    Oh and my goal is to reach 2k rating as prot warrior and deck out my char with Ulduar 25 gear ^^

  7. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Onyxia&n=Markco

    In response to GermanD

  8. I find I have more fun in game and in life if I don't compare my accomplishments to others.

    I'm probably one of those people you would call a "noob". I don't play arena, I'm pretty bad at PVP, and I haven't even been to Ulduar. But I have a fun time in game, so that's what counts for me.

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