Quick Announcement - 20kleveling

For the gold guide holders, I have a new chapter coming soon that I'm really excited about :)

It's going to have something to do with owning the auction house, but I think you guessed that much, hehe. I won't be on much today but I hope to have it out later in the week.

In case you are reading from a feed and looking for today's actual post, it's here: 3.1 Upgrades and Inflation.

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  1. Marko, I was trying to buy your guide earlier today, and I was informed that my request cannot be processed at this moment.

    I'm having the same problem now, 6 hours later. Do you have any idea when it'll be fixed?

    Thanks =)

  2. Marcko i just want to give you a tip here.
    I was leveling my Jewelcrafting for my alt warrior few days ago , and i did spend 2.000 gold to reach 0-220.
    After 220 the mats where kinda easier so i didn't spend more than 200g.But for 300, thats the pain part.
    Fel iron ore sir, it's getting wery wery rare.I was buying out Fel Iron Ore to prospect it for gems such as Blood Garnet(bc gems) for about 70g per stack!I spend a total of 500g just to reach 310(since gems where selling for 40g per piece on auction house..).And i also know that they are used for Blacksmith much cause i had one,and these days Fel iron ore is rare, lets face it, to level your proffesion you need to past through these.
    So hellfire peninsula is the best way to acquire fel iron ore with a number of 2 stacks per circle(140g/20 minutes or so)420 per hour.
    A second tip is the old Primals, i have seen primals selling for prices such as 40g per!And if you can remember the best spot to farm these was Elemental plateau, but this one was always overfarmed so there where problems,now there is NOONE there and you can farm 4 diffrent kindes of primals!

    Happy farming!

  3. Panos, I'm shocked that fel iron is the rarer ore, since most people just farm in hellfire while mining and getting their skillups. I expected adamantite to skyrocket, but perhaps both are on your server?

    The primals is a great tip, and because of the way blizzard does looting, if you enter that area and no one has been in it for an hour you're going to see tons of primals.

  4. I'm not sure why it is, but Fel Iron seems rarer to me as well. When I was doing some dailies to get some old world rep, I bumped into Adamantite more often than Fel Iron. Even in Terrokar Forrest. I would expect that place to still have a lot of Fel Iron since its only the 3rd zone you level in. But you start to see Adamantite there. When making enchanting rods, Adamantite is in better supply than Fel Iron.

  5. I like the new section of the guide, good stuff.

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