Raiding Achievements - Why not make some gold in the process?

Hi Marko!

I spent my Sunday revisiting old world dungeons like Dire Maul and ZF for the achievements. Having remembered reading your post about farming old world cloth, I made sure to kill all the mobs in the dungeons for the loot even though I could have walked right past without aggroing. What I found was that not only was the old world cloth selling at insane prices, but so were a lot of other vanilla WoW items. Items like mithril ore, living essence and essence of undeath were in very limited supply which allowed me to charge very high prices. I also bagged 16 green items and one boe blue item, which I plan to DE and sell as enchanting mats for leveling enchanters.

Overall, my 4 hours in Dire Maul, ZF, Mauradon and Razorfen Kraul netted me around 700g not counting the greenies. It might not be as much as farming Seething Revenants, but it sure beats the monotony.

80 Priest

I like this tip not because it's a tremendous amount of gold, but because it reminds those players going through old content for achievements that they are missing out on tons of gold if they don't loot. Thanks for the tip!

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  1. I like clearing these old instances just for fun. I also typically kill and loot everything for extra profit. It's a lot less than farming a Northrend zone but it's fun. I think my favorite is Stratholme.

  2. If you're going to go back and farm an old instance for the achievement, speed it up even more - and make more gold at the same time. Gevlon would be proud.

    Sell the run to level-correct person in the zone. "80 mage pushing ZF for achievement, 50g you can come too, pst".

    So, you make 50g for pushing someone. They make insane amounts of exp, in a hurry. You get half the cash drops automatically while they loot it all while you kill it all. You do the run in 1/3 of the time because of not having to stop and loot.

    A few simple rules:
    They keep all white crap, and class appropriate upgrades. You get all cloth and any BOE's that aren't class appropriate for them.

  3. The chests for 5 man instances are sometimes loaded too.

  4. 700 gold for 4 hours is nice. But he must have lost quite a lot of time in looting, junking the grey, etc.

    I'm pretty sure he would have finished the achievements in 1h30-2h.
    Then could have moved to 2h of dailies or farming.

    As you said, it simply beats the monotony. Too bad there is no "auto-loot only certain type of items" feature :)

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