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/ReloadUI is a brand new blog about addons in wow. The reason I was drawn to this site was not because I'm a computer programmer, but because there's a lot of changes going on with addons and this site looks like a great place to watch those changes get covered. Not to mention the fact that Valrot, the owner of /ReloadUI, looks like a pretty dedicated blogger and writes to all skill levels of addon usage.

I'm hoping that with his help I can make a much better UI (user interface) and you all know how horrible mine looks right now! The post he made about align, an addon which helps setup your other UI addon alignment, has already started me in the right direction.

So go take a look if you're interested into learning more about addons. I particularly liked his Top 5 Addons I Can't Live Without.

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  1. /ReloadUI is definitely getting a new bookmark on my browser. I've been waiting for a website to come along with some authority on addons. Sometimes it seems so hard to find an addon that does something so simple.

    Great find, and thanks for sharing Markco

  2. Nice topic indeed...
    I didn't found much gem there, but may be just because I am an addon geek already (I suspect all Programmer will be so).

    Will keep an eye on his/her site... Nice Sharing Markco

  3. Deathturtle said... April 30, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    To people who want to make their UI look good:

    I invested a lot of time to my UI looking both simple and powerful. To see a picture, go to the Coilfang forums on the main site and look at my post in the UI topic (Deathturtle).

    The addons I used are Bartender for the bars, Omen on the left and Recount on the right. I didn't use any chat addon and the background on the bottom is Sunn Viewpoint art. In the center is the map, called SexyMap.

    On the top left of the screen is XPerl Unit Frames, and the small bar at the top is called Titan Panel (Very useful, it can also change your entire UI- I used one of it's options to scale my entire UI so that it's a bit smaller)

    My buffs on the right are ElkBuffBars.

    Not shown is Grid and Parrot, which I use in raids and combat.

    Sorry I couldn't provide a direct link to the picture of my UI, I'm on a school computer atm that's blocked the site for me. I'll give a direct link once I get home, but for now: ---> Realm Forums ----> Coilfang ---> "Post your UI here" topic ---> My (Deathturtle) post.

    Good luck getting your UI up to speed, Marcko!


    Direct link to aboves ui. Honestly it I dont't care for the ui.

  5. Markco I am really curious to see your UI after introducing align into the mix.

  6. Valrot I wish I had the time to really set it up... pvp'ing with no addons requires way too much thinking lol.

    Maybe I'll do it slowly one addon at a time.

    Thanks for your site, good job!

  7. ReloadUI is awesome, found quite some useful addons there that you can't get on curse.

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