Requires 405 Lock Picking Skill - WHAT!?

Quoting Warcraft Econ:

"The epic gems, which are quite rare, just seems to be a small profession bonus of taking up Fishing. A unique item I came across in the bag is a new type of lockbox, [Tiny Titanium Lockbox]. Make no mistake since it has tiny in the name, these contain some of the best and most profitable items from the daily.

They can contain Stormjewels, blue quality gems, blue items, and some vendor trash. The last box I received contained a
[Runed Stormjewel], two [Scarlet Ruby], a level 78 blue item, and some vendor trash. For all the non-fishermen out there, the only
way you are going to get your hands on epic gems is to buy one of these lockboxes.

The interesting thing about these boxes are they require a Rogue with 405 lockpicking skill to open. For those of you that have one, you will quickly realize the current cap at 80 is only 400 skill. To get those 5 extra points, you will need a crafted item called
[Dark Leather Gloves].

These gloves are going to be hard to get because they are a low level world drop
recipe for Leatheworkers. Not only that, you will need
[Fine Leather Gloves], because it is one of the required materials to create [Dark Leather Gloves], which are another world drop.

So assuming you are a Leatherworker, you are going to need to obtain two world drop recipes just to craft these."

Get a hold of these items ASAP and get them on your rogue (or hold them if you don't have a rogue). You will make tons from tips doing this, but you may want to just sell the gloves for outrageous prices come 3.1.

For the comments: Will Blizzard implement another way to get 405 lock picking skill?

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  1. The lockboxes no longer require 405 lockpicking. They've dropped down to 400. The epic gems are also no longer BOP. Another change in 3.1 is that the recipe for dark leather gloves no longer requires fine leather gloves. If you've been hoping to buy these patterns and sell them for a profit, you're out of luck.

  2. I forgot to leave a link in my last comment, sorry.

  3. Thanks for the update! I was wondering when they'd fix this.

  4. Not a comment on this so much as a question on other matters, Markco.

    I have a jewelcrafter, and thanks to my habit of constantly mining, no matter if I'm in a lower level zone, have tons of pre-BC gems in his bank. Is there a way that I can make some form of profit off of these?

    Should I hold them for later in the event that 3.1 brings about a new reason for people to level jewelcrafting?

    Thanks for any advice,

    Tufak of Feathermoon

  5. The fine leather gloves are crafted, so really its no big deal, you just need to find someone with the recipe. Not sure where I got my recipe, but I doubt it will be that hard to find someone with it. Definitely handy to have while leveling, too, though.

  6. Whups you meant the recipe not the item. Hmm guess I just got lucky ending up with both :) it was so long ago I forget how it happened.

  7. @Anonymous - regarding pre-BC gems

    Keep watching the market. The ones prospected from Thorium especially. Even this close to a major patch, I've seen gems go really high because some JCer needs it.

    Some gems are more plentiful than others. I rarely sell much Tiger's Eye but most of the higher gems eventually sell.

    When I was leveling JCing, I ended up some left over stuff that hung on my banker alt for a long time. Then in the span of a week or two I had almost nothing.

    Like almost any new market you are getting into: start small and keep an eye out.

  8. I think the commenters did a fine job answering your question anon, let me know in an email if you still have questions. Thanks guys!

    Whatever you do, don't cut your gems, keep them as raw.

  9. Hey marcko on my Death Knight main, i am a Jewelcrafter at level 450, and frankly i chose it for the extra stats, and making money. Well im going to talk about the Making Money Part, i always try to start up fishing, and in the end i always feel like kicking over my computer and throw it out the window, I know i got to get pass this boredom to be able to get Stormjewels, how would you suggest i level up my fishing, so in the end i don't flip out and start yelling at the cat.

    P.S. what are the drop rate for the lock box?

  10. Fishing is great so long as you have something else to do. It requires only a minimal amount of concentration so it's ideal to do while talking on the phone, during guild vent meetings, while listening to podcasts, etc.

  11. I would love if they would bring something back like Onyxia where you need the glove enchant and the finkle to skin her.

    It truly felt epic the first time I was allowed to skin the poor girl. :-)

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